‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ 110 Rules of Engagement Come to Jesus

The first season of the Real Housewives of Potomac came to a close with its 10th episode, “Rules of Engagement.” This week Andrew shocks Katie when he reveals he is taking a weeklong trip to Scotland without her. Meanwhile, Gizelle attempts to mend some of the relationships within the group by hosting a lunch.

The episodes opens with Charrisse enduring the aftermath of her big 50th birthday blow out (which was featured on last week’s episode). While she may be suffering from all of the partying that went down, she still manages to call up her friend and gush about her big celebration.

Meanwhile, Gizelle and Robyn take their kids to a local stable to ride horses. In confessional, Robyn states that she thinks it is important that their kids hang out around with other people of colour, as the area they live in is prominently white. This confession is an obvious foreshadow to the drama surrounding race that comes later in the episode. During their outing, Gizelle tells Robyn that she is planning a “Come to Jesus” lunch for all of the ladies to air out their underlying issues with one another.

Over at Karen’s abode, Karen is continuing to prepare for an empty nest, as her daughter Rayvin prepares to head off to college. While Karen may be having a hard time coming to terms with her daughter growing up, Rayvin seems more than ready to experience life on her own. Karen, being the protective mother she is, tries to get her daughter to promise her that she won’t be kissing any boys for her whole first year at college.

Shortly after Katie receives a call from Gizelle inviting her to her “Come to Jesus” lunch. However, she is distracted as Andrew drops a bombshell, explaining that he is heading off to Scotland for a week without her. Rightfully, Katie is enraged that Andrew didn’t invite her and she is also still anxiously waiting for him to get down on one knee.

While Ashley may be the youngest housewife, she is making it clear that she feels grown up enough to start her own family. During this week’s episode Ashley confides in her (notably) older husband, Michael about her desire to start having kids. She exclaims to him, “my ovaries are exploding over here. It’s a biological imperative… So let’s say, a month after the restaurant opens?” Although hesitant at first, Michael eventually agrees (somewhat) to her child making timeline.

Later in the episode, Andrew and Katie venture out to Virginia to visit Katie’s farmhouse. Although earlier in the episode Katie expressed some doubt, stating, “I don’t know when Andrew’s gonna propose. There’s someone out there, if it’s not him,” she was overjoyed when he finally got down on one knee. Andrew told her, “Katie, I knew the first moment I met you that we were gonna spend our lives together. Will you do me the honour and marry me?” Katie gleefully responds “Yes!,” playfully adding “now I don’t have to give you an ultimatum!”

Next, Gizelle’s “Come to Jesus” lunch finally arrives and the ladies dive right into all of the drama. Of course, the whole Michael grabbing Andrew’s behind comes up, which kickstarts the conflict-filled event. Karen and Ashley then get into a spat about Karen not wanting Ashley around her daughter. Karen goes on to tell Ashley to have some kids of her own and to never speak of her children again. Ashley attempts to try and get to the bottom of why Karen is so protective of her kids when it comes to her. She half-jokingly asks Karen if she thinks her and Michael are “swingers or something” after what happened at her beach house. Karen proceeds to call Ashley “a wet cat walking around in heat.” However, before any of the feuding between Karen and Ashley can sort itself out, Katie finally joins in on the lunch. The attention is then turned to her, as she announces her long-awaited engagement.

While it should have been all sunshine and rainbows after Katie’s good news was revealed, Robyn couldn’t help but burst her bubble. Robyn went on to tell Katie that straight black men would never act the way Michael and Andrew did at Charrisse’s birthday bash. Of course, Gizelle couldn’t let Robyn have all the fun, as she jumps in and claims that Katie called both her and Robyn biracial at the party. Katie, who is confused why Robyn and Gizelle are so against being called biracial, exclaims “It’s offensive to me that you don’t think I’m a black woman. I’m not just African-American – I’m Caucasian. What the hell is wrong with that?” Gizelle shot back to Katie, stating “You act like it’s a problem to be black!” Fortunately, Charrisse tries to calm the other women down as she points out, “you guys do make a lot of references to race and it can be offensive.”

In the end, the women all toast their champagne and try to let bygones be bygones. However, it is pretty clear from the previews for the reunion episodes that this will not be the case in the slightest.

You can catch the reunion special with the Real Housewives of Potomac when it airs next Sunday, April 10 on Bravo.

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