I AM CAIT 108: Kris Jenner & Name Ceremony

i am cait kris jenner name ceremony recap 2015

Finally, the season finale of I Am Cait has arrived. Right away, it jumps into Caitlyn having a sit down with her ex, Kris Jenner for the first time in months.

The former couple can’t seem to find a middle ground, as Kris explains she was hurt by Caitlyn’s claim that she “mistreated her” in the end of their marriage in the Vanity Fair article. Meanwhile, Caitlyn feels she spoke the truth and didn’t say anything bad about Kris. In addition, Caitlyn feels she is the one who has been wronged, as Kris didn’t reach out to her and even failed to invite her to their daughter Kylie’s graduation party.

Basically, it seems Kris realizes that she will never get through to Caitlyn and get her to see things through her eyes and therefore, the two agree to disagree and end up taking a selfie, as the vow to move on with their relationship.

After the conversation, Caitlyn expresses that she must be patient with her family as they come to accept her new life. Meanwhile Kris tells the one-on-one camera that she used to think Bruce lacked sensitivity and always thought it was because he was a man. However, now that she transitioned into Caitlyn, she still is not very empathetic/sensitive to others and therefore, Kris realizes it is just a characteristic of her as a person.

The next day, Caitlyn meets up with her friend Candis. Caitlyn tells her that she is planning a ceremony in honor of her officially changing her name.

Caitlyn expresses confusion of why all of her other trans friends didn’t throw a celebration when they got their name changed. This is another situation where it becomes clear that Caitlyn is used to a privileged lifestyle. She doesn’t even consider that her friends may have not been able to afford throwing a party or that they perhaps didn’t receive the public support that Caitlyn has received.

Soon after, Caitlyn goes to lunch with a group of her trans friends, including a transgender pastor who is going to officiate Cait’s name changing ceremony. At lunch, Caitlyn reveals that she has received letters from countless devoted Christians saying that if she decides to transition she will be going against God, as being trans is seen as unnatural. This prompts Caitlyn to ask the pastor how she “justified her transition,” as a person of faith. The pastor tells Caitlyn that she needs to view the words of the Bible in a broader context and tells her that, “God doesn’t love us in spite of who we are, God loves us because of who we are.”

This scene is particularly interesting, as earlier in the week Caitlyn was a guest on Ellen. Here, she made it clear that she wasn’t completely comfortable with gay marriage. It is surprising to see how much she struggles to find acceptance for herself, and yet she can’t seem to show the same acceptance to the gay community.

Later in the episode, Caitlyn and Candis hang out at Caitlyn’s house after it has been redesigned to better fit who Caitlyn is now. Candis laughs as she says it will be nice for Caitlyn to have a house that wasn’t decorated by “her ex-wife.”

Afterwards, Caitlyn and a bunch of her trans friends (including Candis and Chandi) head to a Boy George concert, where they go backstage to meet the musician. All of the girls are evidently excited as they explain how they all have looked up to him since he “came out” publicly.

Candis ends up going to the Gay Men Choir in order to get some vocal help, as she plans on singing at Caitlyn’s re-naming ceremony. It is ironic that the Gay Men Choir can help make Caitlyn’s ceremony more entertaining, but yet they still don’t fully deserve the sanctity of marriage in Cait’s eyes.

The episode ends with Caitlyn’s ceremony. Everyone gathers in white attire as the pastor leads a “spiritual” ceremony in honor of Caitlyn’s transition. The pastor begins by welcoming all of Caitlyn’s “friends and family,” however it is clear that none of Caitlyn’s family was in attendance (although it is unknown whether they were invited or not).

Caitlyn ends the ceremony announcing she will be now go by “Caitlyn Marie Jenner,” followed by a private performance by Boy George.

Through a series of flashbacks from the season, it is clear that Caitlyn has made some close bonds with members of the trans-community, and that she will continue to be an advocate for the community. Hopefully, as she continues to open her eyes to the trans-community, she will begin opening up to other communities and loosen some of her conservative views.