‘I Am Cait’ 207 Kiss Make up but Caitlyn’s not comfortable talking surgery

i am cait 207 kiss make up but caitlyns not comfortable talking surgery 2016 images

i am cait 207 kiss make up but caitlyns not comfortable talking surgery 2016 images

On this week’s episode of I Am Cait “Kiss and Make-up,” Caitlyn continues to try and mend her relationship with her ex-wife, Kris Jenner. In addition, Caitlyn also learns more about gender confirmation surgery, while Candis looks into her options regarding adoption.

The episode opens up with Kris and Caitlyn talking with one another after their night out in downtown New Orleans. Kris tells Cait that she is happy to see her have so many good friends, as this wasn’t the case when she was living as Bruce. She then gets emotional, as she confesses that she feels like Caitlyn has somewhat “checked out” from all of the issues going on back at home. Caitlyn asks her to clarify what she means by this, which prompts Kris to explain just how critical Lamar’s condition is (this was at the time of his overdose), as well as mention numerous other stressful things going on in the rest of the family’s lives (i.e. Scott and Kourtney’s split, Khloe and Kendall getting ill and Kim’s baby being in breech position). Hearing all of this seems to bring Caitlyn back to earth and allows her to realize that while she has been on a great personal journey, she still has a family who needs her. She admits that she has checked out and apologizes. In a rare moment, Caitlyn proceeds to also take responsibility for some of the tension in the last few years of her and Kris’ marriage, as she explains that she took a lot of her own personal frustration out on Kris. In the end, the two finally get to a good place, and they both agree that they will forever be a big part of each other’s lives.

i am cait 207 kris jenner talks deep with caitlyn 2016

Shortly after, Caitlyn is seen joining the other ladies on the trip (i.e. Candis, Kate, Jenny, etc.) for a bite to eat. Here, she reveals how well her conversation went with Kris and even opens up about apologizing to Kris. In confessional, Jenny says that Caitlyn’s ability to finally take ownership for some of the troubles that plagued her relationship with Kris shows the personal growth she has achieved over the past few months.

Later on, Candis is seen having a private conversation with Kate. Candis talks about her desire to settle down with a man and start her own family. However, she tells Kate that she just hasn’t been able to find someone who is suitably and willing to take this next step with her. Kate then suggests that she should look into starting a family on her own as she doesn’t necessarily need a partner to do so.

i am cait surgery talk for caitlyn 2016

After their roughly month-long road trip, the group finally returns back to Los Angeles. Right after getting settled in, Jenny and Caitlyn set up a sit down with Dr. Marci Bowers, who is a well-established gender confirmation surgeon (and a trans woman herself). Jenny, who had the surgery, tells the one-on-one camera that she wants Caitlyn to be more informed about her options so that she can choose the path that will allow her to feel the most comfortable in her own skin.

During the meeting, Dr. Bowers explains that only about 20% of the transgender community has undergone the surgery. However, this is partially because it can be very expensive and thus unaffordable for many (costing about $25,000). At the end of the meeting Caitlyn admits that she definitely sees the surgery as a possibility, but at this point doesn’t know what the future holds for her.

Next, Candis, Chandi and Caitlyn meet up for dinner and discuss Candis’ meeting with a lawyer who works mainly with members of the LGBT community. Candis tells them that the lawyer helped her identify her adoption options, which were basically either fostering or independent adoption. Unfortunately, Candis admits to feeling discouraged, as she realized that it is much harder for her as a single, 40-something-year-old transgender woman to be picked as the right candidate. She goes on to say that she can deal with rejection when it comes to dating, but she doesn’t think she can handle being rejected by potential mothers solely based on who she is.

i am cait scott disick gets real with caitlyn jenner 2016

Scott Disick makes his second appearance of the season, as he meets up with Caitlyn for a visit. Since this episode was filmed right before the Christmas holidays, Caitlyn asks Scott what his plans are. Scott says that he hopes to spend time with Kourtney and his kids. However, he doesn’t want to be invited to their gatherings if it’s just out of pity. He then goes on to reveal that he ultimately would love to get back together with Kourtney, but he doesn’t want to rush into things.

i am cait caitlyn gender confirmation surgery talk

The episode concludes with Kris and Candis stopping by Caitlyn’s house for a visit. When Kris arrives, she tells Candis and Caitlyn about an intruder who had just gotten into her home. Fortunately, she immediately called 9-1-1, and the man was arrested. However, this was not until after he had been roaming around her house.

Afterward, the trio talks about Candis’ potential adoption plans. Candis explains to Kris what the lawyer had told her (earlier in the episode) and also talks about feeling discouraged. Kris assures Candis that starting a family can be difficult for anyone – trans or not – as many women struggle with getting pregnant or maintaining their health while expecting, etc. Evidently Kris’ perspective comforts Candis, as she says she feels a bit better about the whole situation knowing that it is a challenge for many women. Kris tells Candis, “If [starting a family] is in your heart, you should just go for it because it brings unbelievable joy.”

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