‘I Am Cait’ gets Politically Incorrect 201 recap

i am cait gets politically incorrect 201 2016 images

i am cait gets politically incorrect 201 2016 images

Season 2 of I Am Cait premiered this week. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it documents transgender star Caitlyn Jenner as she embraces her new life as a woman. In the first episode of the season “Politically Incorrect,” Caitlyn is confronted about her conservative political views, which are completely opposite to those of the other women in her transgender clique.

The episode begins by setting the stage. It is revealed that Caitlyn has not had a good hang out session with her fellow transgender lady friends for about 6 months. Therefore, she is determined to reunite everyone, as they all decide to embark on a tour across the US. While on tour they are hoping to interact with members of the transgender community all across the country. Caitlyn invites Chandi Moore, Candis Carne, Zackary Drucker, Jenny Boylan, Katie Bornstein and 18-year old Ella Giselle (who is the daughter of one of Caitlyn’s old friends) to accompany her on the journey. In addition, Caitlyn’s glam squad, including her stylist Courtney also tags along.

Before heading out Caitlyn’s young daughters Kylie, 18, and Kendall, 19, pay a visit and meet some of the women for the first time. The ladies thank Kylie and Kendall for showing so much love and understanding for their father. Kylie confesses that she feels like she has finally developed a genuine relationship with her father, which is something she was lacking when Caitlyn was still living as “Bruce.”

While the bus trip is meant to be a time for Caitlyn and the girls to bond and explore their inner selves, the ladies have a bit of a hidden agenda. Many of them confess that they are planning to confront Caitlyn about some of the things she has been saying that don’t necessarily paint the transgender community in the best light. For example, Caitlyn did an interview with Time magazine where she stated that people get uncomfortable when they see someone who looks like “a man in a dress.” This triggered amply enough quite a backlash, especially from the transgender community.

While heading to the Grand Canyon Jenny decides to try and get Caitlyn to open up about her sexuality (this was a big topic of the first season). After some hesitation, Caitlyn opts to put the topic to rest by speaking out and admitting that she can’t see herself dating women in the future. She goes on to say that she could imagine dating a man, especially one who would treat her like a woman. Rightfully some of the women are still left wondering whether this is Caitlyn’s real truth or if it is simply her way of avoiding being labeled as a lesbian/queer.

A couple days into their trip the ladies stop at a pit stop for lunch and they begin talking about the upcoming presidential debate. All of the ladies in the group are devoted Democrats while Caitlyn is an outspoken Republican. Caitlyn definitely ruffles some feathers when she talks about Hilary Clinton being elected and states “If we end up with Hilary as our president we’ll need her on our side although she won’t be.” She goes on to claim that Hilary doesn’t give “a crap about women.” The other ladies are baffled as Caitlyn explains she thinks all of the Republican candidates would be more supportive of the transgender community. While the conversation doesn’t turn into anything too intense, it is obvious there is some friction building up within the group.

Once they get to the Grand Canyon, they go on a sightseeing helicopter ride. Afterwards, they head out to dinner where Caitlyn talks about cross-dressing. Candidly she recounts a time (before her transition) where she was dressed as a woman while at a Marriot Hotel in Florida. When she was walking across the main lobby, a male stranger approached her. He proceeded to profess his love for trans women and of course, this sent Caitlyn into a panic. She went running to her hotel room and never left for the remainder of her trip. Caitlyn’s friend Kate makes an observation that there has to be a social change in how people view others who are attracted and date trans women and men. She states, “in order for transgender people to feel safe in relationships it is up to the men and women who date them to stand up and speak out.”

During the trip, the ladies get the news that the HERO Act in Houston had been repealed. Jenny explains that his was an act implemented to protect all people – including the LGBTQ. However a group of ministers, Conservatives and Republicans rallied together to create a campaign that painted members of the LGBTQ – specifically male transgenders – as men who want to dress as women so that they can prey on people (including children). Unfortunately, although this is far, far from the truth, the act was repealed and evidently this seriously upset the group.

Shortly after hearing the unfortunate news Jenny confronts Caitlyn and asks her how she can support Republicans when they are trying to strip away all of the LGBTQ’s rights. This enrages Caitlyn, as she feels that the ladies are going above and beyond to make Republicans seem like the bad guys. She goes on to justify her political views, explaining that Republicans are not out to get any particular group – they are simply focused on fixing the nation’s debt crisis.

The episode concludes with a lot of frustration, as the women feel that Caitlyn is not even willing to hear their side of the argument. Jenny confesses that she feels that Caitlyn will not stay relevant within the trans community unless she aligns her own views with what is best for the community as a whole.

You can catch more I Am Cait when it airs next Sunday, March 13 on E!

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