black women need to harness their power and stop being hypocritical 2017 images

Black women need to harness their power and start soul searching

The black community has a lot of soul searching to about putting up from black men what they wouldn't from white men and black women can raise themselves up rather than being a victim like Chrisette Michele.
how white women exposed hollywoods sexual predators 2017 images

How white women exposed Hollywood’s sexual predators

As Jane Fonda said it took famous white women to expose the decades of sexual abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein which exposes the fact that classism exists even in rape culture.
donald trump obamacare tweaks could land 1500 counties with free insurance 2017 images

Donald Trump’s Obamacare ‘tweaks’ could land 1,500 counties free insurance

While Donald Trump continues trying to damage the Affordable Care Act, over 1,500 counties could wind up getting free insurance due to his actions.
donald trumps obamacare attack protection in 12 states 2017 images

Donald Trump’s Obamacare attack protected in 12 states

While Donald Trump works hard to undermine Obamacare, 12 states have their own exchanges to make things much easier for customers.
fact check donald trump gets it wrong in paul manafort and rick gates 'hoax' 2017 images

Fact Check: Donald Trump gets it wrong on Paul Manafort, Rick Gates ‘hoax’

Donald Trump facts fall short on Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, Bob Corker and Boeing.

Heroes and Zeros: ‘Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard vs John Kelly

"Stranger Things" Finn Wolfhard is our hero of the week for standing up for what's right and John Kelly zeros out for the bad taste he's leaving on our military.
donald trump faces opioid crisis with words but no funding 2017 images

Donald Trump faces opioid crisis with words but no funding

Donald Trump had his say on the opioid epidemic ravaging America, but he's not willing to put any funding into actually helping to stop it. He'd rather put that money into running an expensive ad campaign which won't help those suffering now.
republicans find donald trump more appealing than jeff flake bob corker 2017 images

Republicans find Donald Trump more appealing than Jeff Flake, Bob Corker

Republicans seem to be ready to drive right over that cliff with Donald Trump no matter how many warnings they get.

Donald Trump watch: About that Boeing deal and Bob Corker

Fact checking those Donald Trump's claims about the Boeing deal and Senator Bob Corker.
fact checking donald trumps tax reform military and fake news 2017 images

Fact checking Donald Trump’s tax reform, military and fake news

Donald Trump is pushing hard for his tax reform but just how accurate are his claims on what Americans can expect to get out of it?

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