james comey testimony for congress

What to watch for with James Comey’s Congressional testimony

Now that former FBI Director James Comey allowed his Congressional testimony to be made public, people will have a better idea of what to expect on Thursday.
James Comey full testimony

James Comey full testimony about Donald Trump

President Donald Trump seems to be the only person who thinks that former FBI Director James Comey's written testimony for Thursdays Congressional hearing vindicated him. It's doubtful that he's actually read it
key points of james comey testimony 2017 images

Key Points from James Comey Testimony

The moment that DC's beltway crowd is anxiously awaiting is also the same moment that the White House staff is dreading; James Comey testifying before Congress on Thursday.
donald trumps white house working overtime to smear james comey 2017 images

Donald Trump’s White House working overtime to smear James Comey

While Donald Trump's staff walk around the halls of the White House nervously, the president is priming himself up for a fight. In his mind, his opponent is former FBI Director James Comey
what to expect from james comeys congressional hearing 2017 images

What to expect from James Comey’s Congressional hearing

James Comey knows how to perform during a Congressional hearing and on Thursday, the fired FBI Director will be disputing President Donald Trumps' version of their conversations.
barack obama endured much worse than donald trumps head play 2017 images

Barack Obama endured much worse than Donald Trump’s head picture

While Americans got riled up by Kathy Griffin's Donald Trump's head picture, they quickly forgot Barack Obama was put through much worse treatment.
donald trumps twitter goes from fake news to fake followers 2017 images

Donald Trump’s Twitter account goes from fake news to fake followers

Donald Trump loves to promote all things fake, like his 'fake news,' but close watchers of the president have noticed that yet another thing about him is fake. His Twitter followers
jim carrey on kathy griffin 2017 images

Jim Carrey on Kathy Griffin and Smother Brothers flashback

Making it in show biz and in Hollywood can require pushing the boundaries to get attention. However, when it comes to pushing those boundaries you can go too far as well.
environmental change will move on with or without donald trump 2017 images

Environmental change will move on with or without Donald Trump

Cities and states realize they don't need President Donald Trump to move ahead with climate change programs to help environment.
donald trump cellphone opening up security concerns 2017 images

Donald Trump cellphone opening up security concerns

While in Europe, Donald Trump seems to urge world leaders to just call him on his cellphone, which raised some security professionals eyebrows.