Donald Trump saving persecuted white men through affirmative action

Do white men really need saving from affirmative action as Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions claim they do?

Heroes and Zeros: Shannon Sharpe vs Lil Duval

In this week’s edition of Heroes and Zeros, the top spot goes to a sports commentator who doesn’t hold back about what he believes and the loser is a comedian whose comments about trans women are just wrong.
donald trump keeping msnbc ratings high 2017 images

Donald Trump keeping MSNBC ratings high, opponents happy

Donald Trump may not be the best thing for the United States of America, according to some people, but he's been a boon for cable news ratings.
donald trump looks to turn russian probe against democrats 2017 images

Donald Trump looking to turn Russian probe against Democrats

As a business man, Donald Trump was able to turn the tables on his critics by playing the victim, and it looks like he's going the same route with the Russian probe.
donald trump using immigration just to keep his base happy

Is Donald Trump using immigration to keep his base happy?

As Donald Trump's polling numbers continue dropping and the Russian investigation pushes him into a corner, he uses the red meat his base loves. This time he's talking on immigration again.

A closer look at those Donald Trump phone calls

Once again, Donald Trump couldn't resist adding his version of the truth into the news cycle, and it wound up filling the media world with by two phone calls that happened
why donald trump wont be able to force obamacare collapse 2017 images

Why Donald Trump won’t be able to force Obamacare collapse

By now, we become accustomed to Donald Trump's threats, but we've also come to know that they are about as empty as his moral standing so his latest claim to force the collapse of the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare has been debunked already.
fact checking donald trump immigration RAISE 2017 images

Fact Checking Donald Trump’s immigration RAISE act

Taking a closer look at Donald Trumps claims about the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act or RAISE Act.

Fox News Seth Rich scandal broadens

Just when things looked like they had calmed down at Fox News Channel, it was blindsided by a cover headline in the New York Daily News, "Fake News Channel," and questions about the independence of its journalists on Wednesday.
donald trumps congressional health care threat has some problems 2017 images

Donald Trump’s Congressional health care threat has some problems

Donald Trump love to make threats, but Republicans have finally realized that they are pretty baseless now. He just need to feel like he's doing something, many White House insiders have realized.