law & order 1712 misunderstanding recap 2016 images

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1712 Misunderstanding recap

On this week's episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” Benson talked about the case that went down on last week's episode with her therapist. He asked her about Noah and Benson said Noah was all she could think about.
law & order 1704 bensons townhouse incident recap 2016 images

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1704 Benson’s Townhouse Incident Recap

On this week's episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” Benson's babysitter, Lucy, told her that the other family she babysits for told her they didn't need her to walk their son Luka to school that morning because he had strep throat.
law order svu 1709 depravity standard 2015 images

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1709 Depravity Standard Recap

On this week's episode of "Law & Order: SVU," a murderer's lawyer pled guilty for him in court, with Benson as a witness. But the murderer, Mr. Hota, said he refused to plead guilty because he was innocent.
law order 1708 melancholy pursuit of dna chain 2015 images

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1708 Melancholy Pursuit of DNA Chain Recap

On this week's episode of "Law & Order: SVU," Benson was at the park with Noah. Sonny and Finn went to the home of a teenager who hadn't come home from school. Then Benson realized Noah had disappeared.
law order 1707 patrimonial burden 2015 images

‘Law & Order’ 1707 Patrimonial Burden Duggar Style

On this week's episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” Lane Baker, a young reality TV star and her family went to NYC to celebrate her purity. )This show always makes sure to state that the story is fictional, they aired this on Josh Duggar's birthday.)
law orders suv 1706 maternal instincts 2015 images

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1706 Maternal Instincts Recap

This was a rather twisty but intense episode of "Law & Order: SVU," as Rollins's mom came to NYC to help Rollins with her pregnancy. The Deputy Chief brought the new sergeant to meet Benson.
law order svu community policing 2015 images

LAW & ORDER 1705: Community Policing Recap

It's all about Community Policing on this episode of "Law & Order: SVU," Benson and Finn arrived at a house to investigate a case. The injured woman, Cynthia said the man who raped her took her 12-year-old daughter.
law order svu institutional fail whoopi goldberg 2015 images

LAW & ORDER SVU 1704 Whoopi Goldberg Earns Another Emmy Nom

Whoopi Goldberg easily earns another Emmy nom on this episode of "Law & Order: SVU," as a child buys a snack from a convenience store and the clerk asks him where his mom is.
law order svu 1702 transgender bride recap images 2015

LAW & ORDER SVU 1702 Transgender Bride Right On Track Recap

As usual "Law & Order SVU," hits us with a very topical storyline and starts off with three teenage boys seeing a boy their age named Avery in a dress. They ran over to the boy and bullied him.
law order svu devils dissections recap 2015 images

LAW & ORDER SVU 1701 Devil’s Dissections Recap

On this week’s season premiere of "Law & Order: SVU," a body was pulled out of the water and the team discussed that it was the tenth person that could have been killed by one criminal.

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