law orders suv 1706 maternal instincts 2015 images

‘Law & Order SVU’ 1706 Maternal Instincts Recap

This was a rather twisty but intense episode of "Law & Order: SVU," as Rollins's mom came to NYC to help Rollins with her pregnancy. The Deputy Chief brought the new sergeant to meet Benson.
law order svu community policing 2015 images

LAW & ORDER 1705: Community Policing Recap

It's all about Community Policing on this episode of "Law & Order: SVU," Benson and Finn arrived at a house to investigate a case. The injured woman, Cynthia said the man who raped her took her 12-year-old daughter.
law order svu institutional fail whoopi goldberg 2015 images

LAW & ORDER SVU 1704 Whoopi Goldberg Earns Another Emmy Nom

Whoopi Goldberg easily earns another Emmy nom on this episode of "Law & Order: SVU," as a child buys a snack from a convenience store and the clerk asks him where his mom is.
law order svu 1702 transgender bride recap images 2015

LAW & ORDER SVU 1702 Transgender Bride Right On Track Recap

As usual "Law & Order SVU," hits us with a very topical storyline and starts off with three teenage boys seeing a boy their age named Avery in a dress. They ran over to the boy and bullied him.
law order svu devils dissections recap 2015 images

LAW & ORDER SVU 1701 Devil’s Dissections Recap

On this week’s season premiere of "Law & Order: SVU," a body was pulled out of the water and the team discussed that it was the tenth person that could have been killed by one criminal.
law order svu surrendering noah images 2015 757x506

LAW & ORDER: SVU 1622 Finale Noah

On this week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU Olivia had a social worker in her apartment checking on the welfare of Noah.
law order svu parents nightmare recap images 2015 758x506-001

LAW & ORDER: SVU Ep 1621: Some Parent’s Nightmare, Some Parent’s Lesson

On this week’s episode of Law & Order SVU Olivia dropped her son Noah off at daycare/preschool. On a mom’s way to taking her son Owen to school she and her son saw a man and a little boy across the street that was one of Owen’s classmates.
law order svu perverted justice recap images 2015 758x506-011

LAW & ORDER: SVU Ep 1620: System of Perverted Justice

On this week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU, Noah had a dedication ceremony at a church. One of the women, Michelle, in the church where the christening was held confessed to the priest that her father, Derek, was in prison because she had lied to the cops.
law and order svu daydream believer ep 1620 2015 images 758x506

LAW & ORDER: SVU Ep 1620: Daydream Believer Meets Chicago PD

This week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU was a crossover episode with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. The episode started with Chicago Fire characters discussing a perpetrator named Yates.
baby with measles law order svu granting immunity recap 2015 images_result

LAW & ORDER: SVU Ep 1619 Recap: Granting Kids Immunity On Trial

On this week’s episode of Law & Order: SVU, Olivia said that she was taking Noah to the pediatrician to get his vaccination. Meanwhile, at Tribeca Academy, in the city, a teenage boy went to school sick. He and his friends were smuggling bottles of hard liquor in their backpacks to take to a rainbow party.

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