‘Law & Order SVU’ 1720 Fashionable Crimes recap

'Law & Order SVU' 1720 Fashionable Crimes recap 2016 images
LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT -- "Fashionable Crimes" Episode 1720 -- Pictured: (l-r) Virginia Gardner as Sally Landry, Tom Pelphrey as Matt Kroger -- (Photo by: Michael Parmelee/NBC)

'Law & Order SVU' 1720 Fashionable Crimes recap 2016 images

On this week’s episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” a 17-year old woman named Sally showed up at a photo shoot. Benson and Rollins went with Sonny and their kids to a local merry go round. As Sally was posing for photos the photographer, Alvin made her uncomfortable. The he raped her with a female production assistant, Nora, looking on.

Benson got the call that Sally was raped, and she and Rollins went to the hospital to talk to her. Sally told them the production assistant took pictures of the cameraman raping her. They met Sally’s boyfriend Matt at the precinct, but Benson said she needed to talk to Sally alone. Matt told Finn and Sonny that he didn’t trust Alvin.

Sonny went undercover at a coffee shop Sally was at, where she was talking to Nora. Sally and Nora talked about the incident, and Sally told Nora she didn’t want the rape photos all over the Internet.

Benson and Finn went to the set of the photo shoot to investigate Sally’s rape claim against Alvin. They arrested Alvin and took him to the precinct for questioning. Barba told Benson Alvin is known for preying on young models. Alvin said Sally was familiar with how Alvin worked when she came to do the photo shoot with him. Nora told Rollins Alvin was responding to what Sally put out. Benson then arrested Nora for facilitating the assault on Sally.

In court, Alvin pleaded not guilty of rape and Barba wanted him held in custody. The judge told Alvin to surrender his passport and set his $5,000 bail. Nora’s lawyer talked to Barba and Benson with Nora there.

Sonny, Rollins and Finn spoke to other women who had posed for photo shoots with Alvin. Finn tracked down a woman named Mia that ran a modeling agency and had sent many girls to Alvin, including Sally. Benson said half the models that worked for Alvin had been pressured into sex. Sonny and Rollins went to Sally’s home and talked to her about testifying at Alvin’s trial. Matt came home and snapped at Sally for not telling him they were coming by.

The next day, Sally and Matt showed up at the courthouse and Sally told Benson she wasn’t going to testify because Alvin is famous and she didn’t want the pictures all over the Internet. Finn went to the studio and asked Alvin’s brother why Sally wouldn’t testify, but he didn’t give an answer. Alvin told Finn that Matt was the one raping Sally.

Rollins and Sonny went to Sally and Matt’s house and asked him about allegedly pulling a gun on Alvin’s brother. Sonny wanted to know if that had anything to do with Sally dropping charges against Alvin.

Nora told the detectives a woman named Claire was taking over for her. Barba told Nora that the photos Alvin took of Sally were child pornography because she is under 18.

The detectives went to a theater where a fashion runway show was taking place. Backstage the detectives asked if anyone had seen Alvin around. Outside the back of the theater Alvin was found, dead. He was shot twice and was discovered by a woman going out for a cigarette. Rollins told Sally that Alvin was shot and killed, and Matt had threatened him earlier and was known to have a gun. At the station, Matt told Finn he was pissed because the bouncer wouldn’t let him in the theater for the show, even though Sally was in it. They confronted him about having a gun, but he stated he didn’t have it on him when Alvin was killed. Rollins and Sonny found Matt’s gun at their apartment, but it wasn’t loaded.

Finn got security footage of the courtyard where Alvin was killed. The detectives watched it and said Alvin must have known his murderer. They deduced that Alvin’s brother had shot and killed him.

Alvin’s brother was summoned to the station to talk to the detectives. He insisted Alvin was not a rapist, and Benson said Matt was not the one that shot Alvin. His wife Claire was with him, and she insisted that she had been the killer, not her husband.