central intelligence movie review movie tv tech geeks 2016

‘Central Intelligence’: Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson provide good mindless summer fun

When you’re a big movie star, people expect great things from you; Kevin Hart knows this all too well like Dwayne Johnson. And while his last few movies haven’t lived up to expectations (Ride Along 1 and 2, Get Hard, The Wedding Ringer) Central Intelligence does
An Apocalypse for the X-Men Franchise movie review 2016 images

An Apocalypse for the X-Men Franchise? Movie Review

With regards to the newest X-Men movie, “X-Men: Apocalypse,” this author will temporarily switch off his bias against Fox and admiration for Marvel Studios.
captain america civil war review freaking awesome 2016 images

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Review: Freaking Awesome!

What can I say? I’ve seen the movie. Not sure why Asia has to be first, but I’ve seen the most anticipated superhero movie of the year, Captain America: Civil War. While I’m dying to dive into details, I’d rather not spoil the movie but make your mouths water instead.
hardcore henry movie images 2016

‘Hardcore Henry’ movie a true thrill ride review

If ever there were a thrill ride of a movie, Hardcore Henry is it. The story revolves around a man, Henry, trying to find out what happened to him after waking up from the dead in a Moscow lab.
10 cloverfield lane doesn't need cloverfield sequel marketing tricks 2016 review

’10 Cloverfield Lane’ doesn’t need ‘Cloverfield’ sequel marketing tricks: Review

In “10 Cloverfield Lane,” it’s not the monsters that will kill you’ it’s the overwhelming paranoia that can arise from claustrophobic situations that will do the deed with more horror and suspense.
the legend of barney thomson movie review 2016 images

‘The Legend of Barney Thomson’ Movie Review

Ideally, the title of this movie should actually be “The Urban Legend of Thomson” rather than "The Legend of Barney Thomson." While it is a very macabre comedy, it does fall into the category of those sort of true horror stories that are shared among friends and neighbors.
embrace of the serpent movie review 2016

‘Embrace of the Serpent’ will easily cast a spell on you: Movie Review

After just a few minutes of Embrace of the Serpent, Ciro Guerra introduces you to three of the four main characters, as well as introducing them to each other. The film is beautifully shot in black and white images of the Amazonian jungle
The Witch' A unique horror experience Review 2016 images

‘The Witch’ A unique horror experience Review 2016

Luckily The Witch, a new indie horror movie, has enough to make you believe scary horror movies still exist.
glassland movie review 20156

‘Glassland’ review: One of the best Irish films in years

There are times when a piece of cinema touches us on an incredibly personal level and becomes something almost real to us. This time, the movie that does that is “Glassland,” the latest movie by Gerard Barrett.
ryan reynolds deadpool movie rocks 2016 images

‘Deadpool’ Review: You’ll forget all those bad comic book movies Ryan Reynolds starred in

Ryan Reynolds “Deadpool” movie aims to showcase one of the weirdest characters in comic books to a brand new audience, while also showing just how much variety there can be in the world of comic book movies.

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