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Captain America: Civil War, Spoiler Free

What can I say? I’ve seen the movie. Not sure why Asia has to be first, but I’ve seen the most anticipated superhero movie of the year, Captain America: Civil War. While I’m dying to dive into details, I’d rather not spoil the movie but make your mouths water instead. The movie was freaking awesome! Spider-Man was more than amazing, he was spectacular.

I’m no movie critic, but I can tell you that the movie was well-balanced, had a smooth flow and despite working with so many characters in one movie, was handled nicely. The movie was both humorous and emotional, like a good comic book. It wasn’t predictable either. The movie was very surprising up to the end. If you loved Captain America: Winter Soldier, you’ll love this one as well. Better or at par with Winter Soldier? Can’t decide yet. Need to re-watch the movie alone since I had the kids with me and because they were hungry by the end of the movie, I missed the final end-credits scene. Not really sure whether there would be one nowadays. It’s already been leaked online, and I can visualize it anyway since I saw the movie.

The movie was what Age of Ultron should have been. It was definitely Avengers 2.5 while at the same time, a real Captain America movie. Imagine you’re reading an issue of Captain America which involves the rest of the Avengers. It will be a comic book written by a good writer which uses plenty of characters yet keeps the main character in the foreground. How did the new players do? How were they utilized?

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Scarlet Witch – she was great. We really get to see her skillfully use her powers. She’s more than a bit player here as much of the story involves her.

Vision – was also used well in the story. His role is tied to the Scarlet Witch. I could swear there’s some romance there. Weird but it gets weirder in the comics.

Spider-Man – as mentioned was awesome. Many on the net assumed that he’d been around the MCU for some time otherwise, Tony’s side wouldn’t have noticed him. As for how they treated the wall-crawler? Nailed it!

Black Panther – is not just a gimmick. The movie introduces him and is basically his origin story. His role is as major as Bucky, Tony and Steve’s.

Ant-Man – he’s not there for show. He plays a major part in the airport fight scene. You’ll really feel nostalgic and wonder why he wasn’t included earlier in the Avengers.

Crossbones – great fight scene. His enhancements were great, and his part in the movie is a token to the Civil War comic.

Overall, Marvel outdid themselves or at least equaled Captain America: Winter Soldier setting a high standard in making comic book movies. Hoping that Doctor Strange would be the same if it wasn’t for that deep racial issue which could persist up to the movie’s release. Also hoping it wouldn’t affect the film as the race thing did with the Fantastic Four. Critics are unanimous. Now here are what they thought of Captain America: Civil War.

“…a decisively superior hero-vs.-hero extravaganza that also ranks as the most mature and substantive picture to have yet emerged from the Marvel Cinematic Universe… Viewers who have grown weary of seeing cities blow up ad nauseam will scarcely believe their luck at the relative restraint and ingenuity on display,”

— Justin Chang, Variety

“While the chance to see old-school Steve Rogers and modern guy Tony Stark, a.k.a. Captain America and Iron Man, go mano a mano is inherently thrilling only to diehard fans… even nonbelievers who make it to that climactic moment will feel that something is at stake when the two face off,”

— Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

“…best Marvel movie and this isn’t hyperbole… Captain America: Civil War feels like a pinnacle for Marvel. Like, I can’t imagine their movies getting any better. This feels like the crescendo. This feels like the movie this series has been building towards for eight years. After all these movies, Marvel earned this fight… I have my doubts they can make anything better. This is as close as things come to ‘superhero movie perfection.’ This movie made me really happy.”

 — Mike Ryan, Uproxxx

“Unlike DC’s recent franchise brick … Civil War is an addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that, yes, moves its good guys to battle each other, but does so in the service of establishing a future of superhero responsibility… Screenwriting team Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely … efficiently move plot blocks into place and check off interlocking points of order… but they do so while never forgetting that their characters are more than brands to build.”

 — Dave White, The Wrap

So there you have it. I posted to a comment of a friend in Facebook that Captain America: Civil War has proven that you can do a good superhero movie, get them to fight among themselves and the bad guys without having to make everything dark and gritty and gloomy and depressing. People fight all the time in broad daylight and in the best weather, yet keep a serious atmosphere while keeping the CG to a minimum for viewers to see all the action. Enjoy the movie as much as I did.

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