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Coronavirus forces Disney to change Marvel MCU release dates

Disney was forced to change their entire Marvel Cinematic Universe slate of films as the Coronavirus pandemic rages on.

Marvel’s Doctor ‘Strange Academy’ hits Hogwarts turf March 2020

Marvel is giving Doctor Strange is his world with Strange Academy comic book that lands in Hogwarts magic school territory.

Comic-Con 2019 Day 3: Marvel’s Phase 4 Thor goes to Portman, Blade gets Ali

Day 3 of Comic Con 2019 sees Marvel revealing their Phase 4 plan including Natalie Portman as Thor, Mahershala Ali as Blade plus Thor Love and Thunder movie details.

RIP: Steve Ditko dead at 90: Marvel’s Unsung Hero

Steve Ditko, a true unsung hero at Marvel Comics died at 90 years of age. He co-created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange even though most people highlight Stan Lee for these solely.

Marvel, Kevin Feige’s ‘Avengers’ has worn James Cameron out

James Cameron has gotten worn out by Marvel's Avengers and MCU films which gets Kevin Feige responding happily. But are audiences also getting superhero fatigue?

Top 10 Films of 2016: Marius Maronilla’s list

Last year, we wrote that 2016 would be an interesting year for blockbuster films. Some turned out great, some were surprisingly good while others bombed. No Oscar films here. While I appreciate their merit in case I happen to sit through one

‘Moana’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts’ rule box office again

It's not so surprising that this past weekend was a bit sleepy after everyone was recovering from the previous holiday, but "Moana" and "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" topped the box office charts for a second week.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ 407 Deals with our Devils aka Doctor Strange connection

Agents of SHIELD, Season 4, Episode 7, was just amazing. Through Ghost Rider, Agents of SHIELD Season 4 has become one of this year's much-anticipated TV series. Not as much as The Walking Dead

‘Moana’ tops Thanksgiving weekend box office

Disney's "Moana" topped the Thanksgiving holiday weekend box office while three new films; "Allied," "Bad Santa" and "Rules Don't Apply" did mediocre business to completely bombing out.

It takes a ‘Fantastic Beast’ to unseat ‘Doctor Strange’ at box office

The Harry Potter franchise is alive and well again with the lastest, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" entering the marketplace. It was able to knock out "Doctor Strange" while proving that Eddie Redmayne's five-film deal could pay off well.

‘Doctor Strange’ tops box office again and ‘Arrival’ pleases

After the rollercoaster of an election, American audiences were ready for a little escape (when they weren't protesting) at the theater and "Doctor Strange" easily fit the bill.

‘Doctor Strange’ proves Marvel’s box office magic

Marvel and Benedict Cumberbatch proved to be a magical duo with "Doctor Strange" as it took the top spot at the box office while bringing in over $300 million around the world.

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