‘Agents of SHIELD’ 407 Deals with our Devils aka Doctor Strange connection

agents of shield 407 deals with our devils aka doctor strange connection 2016 images

'Agents of SHIELD' 407 Deals with our Devils aka Doctor Strange connection 2016 images

Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Episode 7 Deals with Our Devils Recap Review

Agents of SHIELD, Season 4, Episode 7, was just amazing. Through Ghost Rider, Agents of SHIELD Season 4 has become one of this year’s much-anticipated TV series. Not as much as The Walking Dead where everyone wanted to know whose head Negan was going to bash in, but everyone who tunes in to SHIELD wants to know what’s next for Ghost Rider and Robbie Reyes. Yes, we’re also concerned for what happened Coulson, Fitz and Robbie who disappeared in the last episode after Eli got his powers.  Since it says recap on the title, everyone should know that reading might spoil the show. Continue reading and watch it anyway. You’ll still love it.

Last we saw them, Coulson and Fitz were trying to stop Eli from using his quantum machine that’s supposed to grant him power over matter while Robbie was busy killing Lucy Bowers. Eli succeeds in turning on the machine resulting in a blinding flash of light that causes the trio to disappear while Eli is granted the power to create matter out of thin air. The episode starts off with May and Mack inspecting Eli’s lab and finding no traces of Phil, Fitz and Robbie. We then see Eli making his way out of the lab, maliciously killing three SHIELD agents with carbon spikes while doing so.

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The team returns to the Zephyr to give Mace and Gabe the bad news. Eli escaped and the rest of the team seemingly dead. Daisy doesn’t want to believe what happened while the others seem to be fatalistic about the situation. Daisy says that Phil and the others may be inside the quantum boxes. Mae then ties the Chinatown box thefts to Eli and the other Chinatown thieves may be the key to finding him. May and Mack want to pursue Eli but Mace wants to figure out how to stop Eli first by studying the boxes through Simmons–whom he actually sent out to help with Senator Nadeer’s problem with her still-gestating inhuman brother. Simmons was taken to an undisclosed location to help solve the situation.

agents of shield mack henry simmons deals with our devils

We then see May try to convince Mack in using the Darkhold in finding Coulson but stopped as soon as Mace stepped in. Mack wants to go after the Chinatown group to get Eli but Mace stops him and tells him to prep the bodies of the fallen agents. Daisy and Gabe have a little heart to heart about Robbie. Gabe seems to have softened his feelings about the duo. Mack suddenly decides to ride out of the Zephyr against Mace’s orders on a motorcycle.

We then get to see everything from the perspective of the lost trio. Coulson and Fitz discover that they’re out of phase with reality when May and Mack fail to see them in the lab. They decide to go with the two back to the zephyr. Robbie meanwhile witnesses firsthand how evil his uncle really is when Eli kills the SHIELD agents. Robbie also sees Mack and May and follows them back to the plane. Phil, Fitz and Robbie discuss their situation which is actually more precarious than what happened to Lucy and her team. Fitz follows Mace who he said he’d be calling Simmons and discovers Mace’s secret deal with Senator Nadeer. Fitz is furious but was forced to set it aside to help Robbie who’s starting to feel cold. Phil meanwhile tries to convince May not to use the Darkhold but is forced to look into Robbie screaming from pain. The spirit in Robbie refuses to be pulled down into whatever dimension the trio was slowly being pulled into and leaves Robbie’s body and enters Mack’s, leading to Mack leaving the Zephyr. Daisy follows Mack in Robbie’s car. Robbie, feeling better rides shotgun in the car.

agents of shield 407 devils deals recap images

Meanwhile, Mace brings in Radcliffe along with AIDA to help with the quantum technology while Simmons is ‘on her way.’ While alone, May shows Radcliffe the Darkhold but Radcliffe was wise enough to keep away from the book when he realizes its nature. Simmons manages to relax the person in the terrigenesis cocoon by saying she just wants to help. The cocoon starts finishing the process. Mack finds the rest of the Chinese gang to finish them off.

Radcliffe tries to convince May that using the book is folly until AIDA decides to offer her assistance. Fitz is actually there trying to get through to AIDA. It’s unknown whether she senses his presence. Mae and Coulson discover AIDA’s secret. Fitz trying to convince Phil about letting AIDA use the book lets out his feelings about being gone and being worried about where Simmons is as well as his feelings about Coulson letting go of his position as director. They agree to let AIDA use the Darkhold in the pretense she won’t be affected by it. We later see AIDA reading the Darkhold written in binary. We also later see Simmons peel the cocoon off the inhuman, but before she gets his name, Simmons gets bagged on the head and out of the lab.

Daisy and Mack take down the members of the Chinese gang. Daisy finds Mack who seems to be talking to someone and witnesses him surprisingly transform into a Ghost Rider. It was actually Robbie who was talking to Ghost Rider. Robbie tries to convince Ghost Rider to leave Mack and aside from letting Ghost Rider from using his body, Robbie makes a deal wherein Robbie will do what he can to help Ghost Rider deal with his own problems. Ghost Rider agrees and leaves Mack. Mack tells Daisy that Robbie took Ghost Rider to hell.

Meanwhile, Radcliffe and Ada finish their work on a dimensional gateway. Ada is handed a pair of gloves that allow her to ‘weave’ or program the gateway in order to save Phil and the others. Phil and Fitz start to get pulled into ‘the other side.’ The gateway opens and May sees Fitz and Phil getting pulled into darkness. The two manage to make it back.

Fitz later emotionally confronts Mace for his ‘betrayal’ but is cut short by Simmons’ arrival. Coulson also confronts May on her trying to use the Darkhold but gets his thanks instead. Daisy goes to leave the Zephyr but tells them that Mack’s okay and that Robbie is gone. They have a lead on Morrow which they will later look into.

We later see Mack near the gateway upset and holding onto a picture with the word Hope dated April 4, 2006. Robbie comes through the gateway where Mack seems to be expecting him. Robbie asks Mack if he wants to help settling a score. Lastly, we see Radcliffe singing about his success with AIDA and helping SHIELD while AIDA is ominously weaving a brain with the gloves she used to weave the dimensional gateway.

Again this episode is amazing in several ways. For fans who want to see a motorcycle-riding, shotgun-wielding Ghost Rider, you got your wish, sort of. We also get to hear the spirit speak, that he has to inhabit a body in the physical world to continue his mission and he left Robbie because he’s been to that place where the trio were being pulled into. In the comics, that dimension of total darkness is called the Void; Mack called it hell.

Another fascinating part of the show was when AIDA used the dimensional gateway. It looked as if she was weaving a spell, the way the Ancient One first demonstrated spells to strange by drawing a luminous mandala. The clincher was when they activated the gateway after the weaving. The gateway looked very much like a dimensional portal made by sling rings in Doctor Strange. Anyone who saw the film will be fascinated with this connection. It’s a shame though that this facet of magic was made grounded to reality so quickly in this show. Speaking of quick, this episode was fast-paced, had much action albeit a bit repetitive. It unraveled Mace’s betrayal of SHIELD; we also get to see Senator Nadeer’s inhuman brother and get to know more about Robbie’s spirit of vengeance. We also see more development in AIDA as a potential threat though some of us sincerely hope that this lovely character is not another Ultron. This is getting to be quite a season folks with several potential threats. The ghosts are gone, but we have Eli, Senator Nadeer and her brother as well as AIDA. Jeffrey Mace is still a gray area keeping SHIELD fans on their toes.

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