Agents of SHIELD Farewell Cruel World an exciting final arc 2017 images

‘Agents of SHIELD:’ Farewell Cruel World an exciting final arc

We are now in Agents of SHIELD episode 20 and the fifth episode in the season’s exciting final arc. This is our recap of the episode’s events so logically, this whole article is a spoiler.
agents of shield 419 madames men images

‘Agents of SHIELD:’ It’s All Coming Together in All the Madame’s Men

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD just gets better and better with each episode. This series however is getting more and more foreboding as the season draws to a close
agents of hydra shield

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Speculations: Why no Avengers in the framework?

The Framework was originally conceived by scientist Holden Radcliffe and his assistant Life Model Decoy AIDA to be a virtual paradise where the human consciousness can live on or enter and be free of their greatest pain and regret.
get ready for season 5 of agents of shield

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 5 now a sure thing

Good news for fans of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Despite its ratings, there’s a way more than good chance the series will be up for a fifth season.
Agents of SHIELD Identity and Change The Claiming of Leopold Fitz 2017 images

‘Agents of SHIELD:’ Identity and Change Claiming of Leopold Fitz

In Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, the previous episode ‘What if’ was a great opener for the third story arc of Season 4. This new episode entitled ‘Identity and Change’ is a great follow-up.
agents of shield what if changes everything 2017 images

‘Agents of SHIELD’ What if changes up everything

Mallory Jansen has a new fan. She’s so gorgeous as Madame Hydra in the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD, What If. This is her third role in the series which covers three story arcs of Season 4. Ms. Jansen was first introduced
What’s Next for Agents of SHIELD 2017 images

What’s Next for ‘Agents of SHIELD?’

When Agents of SHIELD comes back this April, it should be an interesting one. Coulson is a teacher who seems to be teaching an anti-inhuman lesson. But even though his LMD confided to LMD May
agents of shields explosive episode goes boom 2017 images

‘Agents of SHIELD’s’ explosive episode goes Boom

A lot is happening in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD lately as I keep saying in these recaps, making it seem that they’re not dragging the whole season up by keeping things interesting.
agents of shield hot potato soup explores more LMDs 2017 images

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Hot Potato Soup explores more LMD’s

A lot has happened lately in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and a lot more has happened in the latest 12th episode this season entitled Hot Potato Soup. Fans get to see Patton Oswalt again in several roles as agents Koenig.
Inside the May trix – 'Agents of SHIELD' 411 Wake Up images

Inside the May-trix – Agents of SHIELD: 411 Wake Up

What makes a good spy film of TV series? There’s action, suspense, secrets and intrigue and the latest Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has all that. Spoiler alert for anyone who has yet to see this episode.

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