‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 5 now a sure thing

get ready for season 5 of agents of shield

'Agents of SHIELD' Season 5 now a sure thing 2017 images

Good news for fans of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Despite its ratings, there’s a way more than good chance the series will be up for a fifth season. Still not definite but there’s still a good chance if we base on the report by Entertainment Weekly on which shows are likely to get the axe, as well as an earlier statement from ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey.

“Look, we are incredibly encouraged. Season 4 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been creatively the strongest season we’ve had yet. The episodes just keep getting better and stronger. And that’s another one for us that we moved from 9 to 10 and yet even though the HUD levels are softer at 10, the live-same-day has remained the same and that’s another one of our shows which regularly goes up triple digits over the seven-day period, anywhere from 100 to 110 percent,”

— Channing Dungey

“With Inhumans coming to television this fall and S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s rating falling hard, it’s easy to suspect Agent Coulson’s division will be shuttered. We’re hearing the team will probably get one more assignment (despite that whole Ghost Rider thing).”

— Entertainment Weekly

While EW’s view is fairly positive, I’ll have to disagree on the Ghost Rider thing. He’s one of the best things to be featured on SHIELD and maybe even the most high-profile and the most expensive. The drawback on featuring him is that he takes much of the focus away from the show so hopefully, ABC will push through with its plans for a solo series or pass the torch over to Netflix. It would probably be easier if the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider had as much backstory as his predecessors but that could be adapted the same way as Superman stories were adapted for Supergirl. The same goes for Sony. They’re better off with a cinematic pilot to Spider Woman and continue with a TV series.

Back to SHIELD, it’s difficult to think that the show cannot have a fifth season as there’s plenty of material to work with after the Agents of HYDRA story arc. When the team does get out of the Framework, they’ll still have to tangle with AIDA and her LMDs. There’s also the so-called Superior and his Watchdogs to contend with and lastly, they’ll have to deal with the Darkhold which will all happen in the final few episodes of Season 4. Much of that material will have to do with the repercussions or fallout from their respective Framework experiences, especially with Fitz and Jemma.

Is Fitz really a cold-blooded killer on the inside? Will he come out of the Framework loving AIDA more instead of Jemma? If not, he will have to inwardly deal with all that’s happened in the framework especially the death of Agnes and his torture of all his victims, if he remembers anything at all. And if he doesn’t, Jemma does and will she tell Fitz everything or keep it all to herself and rattle her from the inside and ruin their relationship?

Then what about Coulson, May and Mace. If they do remember everything that’s happened, how will it affect them? For Coulson, it would depend on how he looks at things. He might be relieved that he did join up with SHIELD and eventually helped form the Avengers. Or he might do some inward thinking and harbor feelings of guilt for even regretting to join. May has a lot to catch up on since the real her has been absent since the LMD arc. If she remembers everything including her days of captivity, she might have to deal with some form of PTSD on top of her regrets on what happened in Bahrain. As for Mace, if he gets out in one piece, he’ll be back to his old artificially-heroic self. He could feel empty but relieved at the same time. It’s a choice between being the great Inhuman Patriot or a world under HYDRA.

Lastly, this is what would catch the greatest fan interest. Will Agent Ward be back in Season 5? With his body being destroyed and all, the best way he’ll be back is in the body of an LMD. If he remains doesn’t remain true to character and sticks to being a good guy, there’s a good chance of bringing him out of the Framework into an LMD body which some fans have expressed delight in some comments sections. It would be pretty interesting to have the core team back. Coulson, Daisy, Ward, May, Fitz and Jemma. It would also be interesting if Ward still harbors simulated feelings for Daisy, then we’d have a Vision and Scarlet Witch dynamic here. And then we’d have a Fitz and Ward conflict even if the Ward-Simmons trust issues are resolved. Season 5 will be pretty interesting and hopefully we’ll have a good villain or villains for it. If the Darkhold is still at play, it would be cool if characters Victoria Montesi, Sam Buchanan and Louise Hastings make their appearance. Keep your fingers crossed AOS fans.

Marvel’s TV Chief Jeff Loeb helped stoke the fires for fans about Agents of SHIELD being renewed, and our wonderful ABC sources confirmed it for us. So for those of your worrying about not having a Season 5, you can relax now.