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Margot Kidder’s daughter Maggie McGuane confirms death as suicide

Margot Kidder's daughter Maggie McGuane has confirmed that her mother's death in May 2018 was from suicide.

Hottest 5 Sci Fi Fantasy Collectibles Every Fan Must Have

The sci-fi and fantasy genre has a very devoted following, and they are a large group that loves collecting everything related to their favorite movie or TV show. Here are 5 of the most sought-after collectibles.

Top 10 hottest DC Comics Toy Collectibles gift ideas

Marvel Comics might be having a better time on the big screen than DC Comics but DC collectible toys are in huge demand so here are the top 10 best ones you can get that fan of all ages.

‘Justice League’ no ‘Avengers’ at box office and ‘Wonder’ racks up

DC Comics again with "Justice League" after having such a great success with "Wonder Woman" at the box office, but Julia Robert's "Wonder" may overtake the superhero film with Thanksgiving weekend coming up.

Top 10 Comic Books Most Sought After By Collectors

Remember when comic books were just barely over a dollar? Well those same ones can fetch a million dollars or more. Find out which ones can make you rich.

Most Important Superman of DC Comics

It’s always a crisis when it comes to DC Comics. If you’re not familiar with the current issues of Superman, or current DC comic books in general, their current crisis is that there are two versions of Superman and Lois Lane in the same universe

Superhero Saturation: Will the world continue to love superhero films and series?

Superhero movies, left and right. So far, we’ve had fifty superhero movies from Marvel and DC comics franchises beginning with Fox’s X-Men. Many were good, some were bad.

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