‘Agents of SHIELD’ Honeymoon worth a second watch

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As everyone waits for the final confirmation that Agents of SHIELD will be back for Season 6 (as we reported, ABC, Marvel, and Disney will be renewing if for Season 6), with or without Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) we remain committed to discussing the team’s ongoing mission to keep the Earth from ending. We all know the outcome right? Or we won’t get to see Avengers 4, Black Panther 2 and the rest of Marvel’s future offerings. Like Dean said in Supernatural’s Scoobynatural episode, what matters more is the journey, not the destination; and the journey remains exciting but a bit frustrating. Just when we think SHIELD is on the way to preventing the Earth’s destruction, things just seem to keep falling into place, and that’s what we see in the latest episode entitled Honeymoon. Major spoilers here so be warned.

And the meek shall inherit the earth is a popular bible verse. Nothing else describes the growth of the FitzSimmons duo from meek generic lab rats to rebellious shooting agents in the latest episode. Well, it’s a bit contradictory as they’re not exactly meek anymore. A lot has happened to each individual through the seasons. After Fitz and Simmons discover that Deke is their descendant, Simmons becomes convinced of their invincibility while at the same time hopeful that they can change the future, and rebellious enough to defy orders. It’s rather cute how Fitz reacted knowing Deke is his grandson. He’s still Fitz at the core despite his villainous turn as The Doctor; a pre-requisite to saving everyone from the dimensional rift but at the same time, laying the groundwork for the Earth’s destruction, which is the return of Daisy’s powers.

It’s not difficult to surmise how hard it is for Jemma to see her husband get locked up by her own team. With their newfound feeling of invincibility, Fitz, Jemma, and Yo-yo cook up a plan to redeem Fitz by locating Hydra’s particle-infusion chamber. Technically alone together, this mission serves as their honeymoon with Yo-yo as the third wheel. This threesome does find where the chamber is but has to go up against Ivanov and his androids.

While this is happening, Coulson and Talbot try to escape their pursuers after their escape from Hale’s base. They’re soon met by Ruby who tries to kill them, but Daisy finds them just in time. Daisy and Ruby finally fight each other, but the battle is short and a bit anti-climactic. The word I’m looking for is unsatisfying, but maybe it’s because it’s just their first dance together.  Daisy beats Ruby, but before they capture her, Deke gets shot by the approaching General Hale.

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The real action in this episode happens at the chamber’s hiding place where FitzSimmons and Yo-yo finally go against Ivanov. Yo-Yo’s new arms are unfortunately not ready to accommodate her powers thus leaving Fitz and Simmons to have an epic shootout with Ivanov’s androids. Yo-yo goes up against Ivanov himself without her powers. Yo-yo beats Ivanov thus saving Jemma and Fitz from the androids.

What may have been a satisfying victory becomes moot as Ruby and Strucker mount a coup in the base. The pair then find FitzSimmons and force them to repair the machine; another piece of the puzzle that disassembles the Earth. But Hale has another surprise up her sleeve related to the torture of Talbot that puts SHIELD at risk. That you’ll have to watch for yourself. There’s another real shocker in this episode for Philinda fans, which we won’t disclose unless you’ve been following the SHIELD’s Twitter feed while this episode was airing or if you’ve been catching up in Wikipedia.

If you really haven’t seen this episode yet, fire up your DVR or wait for the re-airing. Watching the show’s re-runs remains a satisfying pastime, a testament to how good this series has become and why it deserves a sixth Season. Besides, ABC doesn’t have anything else in store that’s more tied up to the greater MCU than this one and so far they haven’t announced a possible replacement if any. They can’t just be satisfied with syndication can they? But if SHIELD has to go, bring back Robbie Reyes as a separate series.