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Jeremy Collins’ Second Chance On ‘Survivor’ Pays Off In History Making Season

On this week's season finale of Survivor, Kimmi said she now had the perfect opportunity to swoop in and make her dreams happen. Kelley said Kimmi figured out if she sticks with the guys she night not make it to the end of the game.

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3112 So Long Joe

On this week's episode of "Survivor: Second Chance," at the Orkun camp Spencer said that in this game people are using each other as pawns and that he better keep Jeremy in the game even if he didn't want to go to the end of the game with him.

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3110 Selling Your Soul Off Recap

The blindsides kept coming on this week's episode of "Survivor: Second Chance," and at Orkun's camp, Jeremy said Ciera might be the next one to be sent home.

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3109 Witch’s Coven Knocks Out Wiglesworth

On this week's episode of "Survivor Second Chance," at the Orkun camp, Kelley took credit for getting Andrew a.k.a. Savage, sent home.

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3108 You Call We’ll Haul Recap

On this week's episode of "Survivor: Second Chance," at the Orkun camp Andrew said his dream was coming true and it was his job to keep his alliance silent. Ciera said she was on the bottom of the totem pole

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3107 Adios Chaos Cass

On this week's episode of "Survivor Second Chance," at the Ta Keo camp; Andrew said his fellow tribe members were liars and he thought he was better at reading people. He said he felt Kass betrayed him but he wouldn't go down without a fight.

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3106: Devil Bunking & Eating Oddities

Surprises hit on this episode of "Survivor Second Chance," at Ta Keo's camp, Jeff Probst showed up in the middle of the night with bad news for Deitz. His son was in serious condition in the hospital and his son's doctor, as well as Deitz's wife, urged him to come home right away.

‘Survivor: Second Chance’ 3105 A Snake In the Grass Blindside Recap

It's a major blindside on this episode of "Survivor: Second Chance." At the Angkor camp Abi said she didn't like feeling that she owed people anything. Monica she crabbing was something she and the others like to do.


The new tribe gets put to the test on this episode of "Survivor," the Angkor tribe went to camp, and Jeff said he was loyal to Abi and he had to kiss the butts of his other tribe members.

SURVIVOR SECOND CHANCE 3103: New Tribe & New Rat

Everything changes on this episode of “Survivor: Second Chance,” while the Takeo tribe was at camp. Spencer said he is not the strongest player in the game but he wants to change that.

SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE 3102 Shirin & Spencer Go Bottom Up

Spencer and Shirin got to see how quickly things change on this episode of "Survivor: Second Chances," and Kelley said Tribal Council was devastating and this isn't how she wanted it to start out.

SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE 3101 Meet the Second Chancers & Bye Vytas Baskauskas

On the season premiere of "Survivor: Second Chance," the fans selected 24 former Survivor contestants to compete in this season. This season the Survivors must live on the shore of the South China Sea in Cambodia.

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