‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3112 So Long Joe

survivor second chance 3112 so long joe 2015 images

survivor second chance 3112 so long joe 2015 imagesOn this week’s episode of “Survivor: Second Chance,” at the Orkun camp Spencer said that in this game people are using each other as pawns and that he better keep Jeremy in the game even if he didn’t want to go to the end of the game with him. Spencer told Jeremy he still trusted him, but Jeremy said he didn’t feel comfortable with anything. Kimmi said tribal made her realize she needs to be in control of her destiny. Kimmi tried to convince Kelley that they should form a girls’ alliance. Kelley said she came out to win, and it was time for her to make her mood.

Jeff announced that the survivors’ loved ones were there. Jeremy was then reunited with his pregnant wife. She told him through tears that she had found out they would be having a baby boy. Tasha was reunited with her cousin Christina, who she loves like a sister. Spencer was reunited with his girlfriend and told her he loved her for the first time. Abi was reunited with her mother. Keith was reunited with his wife. Jeff asked them how they met, and Keith’s wife said they met in college in Arkansas. Kelley was reunited with her dad, who had played the game before too. Kelley’s dad said he had a new respect for the people that compete on Survivor. Joe was reunited with his dad after having dreamed about being on Survivor for years. Kimmi was reunited with her dad.

Jeff then announced this week’s rewards challenge, which was a race to dig up bags in the sand. Then they had to spin around a post to retrieve another bag and then walk on a beam holding both bags without falling off. The bags contained puzzle pieces that had to be put together correctly. The reward for winning the challenge was an American Barbeque the winner would get to share with their loved one. Kelley won the reward to share with her dad. Kelley was allowed to choose three tribe members and their loved ones to join the barbecue. She chose Keith, Abi, Joe, and Kimmi.

At the barbecue Keith said he was glad to have his wife with him. Jeff’s dad told him he never had a friend like him. Joe said growing up his dad was tough on him and not affectionate. Spencer said he had never felt heartache like the heartache of Kelley not choosing him to attend the barbecue. Spencer said he had to get his head back in the game and do everything in his power to win. Tasha said she had the option of going to the end of the game with Spencer and Jeremy or joining the girls’ alliance. Spencer said he didn’t know how many more chances he had to get rid of Joe.

For this week’s immunity challenge, they had to balance a wooden statue on a pole. The pole was made longer and longer, and whoever could hold onto their statue the longest would win. There was to be one female winner and one male winner, giving two Survivors immunity at this week’s tribal council. Kelley and Keith won immunity after Joe collapsed and medical personnel were called. They said his blood sugar level was so low he couldn’t support his own weight. He was reassured he would be fine and would be able to continue in the game.

Kelley said it was frightening that Joe pushed himself until he passed out, so he had to go; that way the girls could be in control of the game. Joe said for every week Abi is not voted out she is more and more dangerous. Joe said he needed Abi out of the game, and he thought Jeremy was smart enough to agree. Tasha told Jeremy and Spencer about the all girls’ alliance so they wouldn’t find out about it from everyone else. Tasha said she meant to create trust with them but made them suspicious instead, and that could cause her trouble. Jeremy said if the girls took over the game it would be over for himself and Spencer. He said it was crucial to have Tasha on his side. She said she didn’t want Joe to escape another tribal council.

At tribal council, the jury members were brought in. Joe said he was doing OK but not great and that he had pushed himself in sports, but never this hard. Kimmi said seeing Joe collapse was frightening. Jeremy said he felt people knew who was on the chopping block right now. Abi said her connection with Wentworth and Ciera had had her on the bottom of the barrel week after week at tribal council. The votes were then placed, and Jeff tallied them and announced Joe was going home.