‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3108 You Call We’ll Haul Recap

survivor second chance 3108 you call 2015 images

survivor second chance 3108 you call 2015 imagesOn this week’s episode of “Survivor: Second Chance,” at the Orkun camp Andrew said his dream was coming true and it was his job to keep his alliance silent. Ciera said she was on the bottom of the totem pole and that she thought Stephen had to be convinced it was the time to make a big move.

For this week’s rewards challenge the tribes had to paddle out to a bunch of crates they then had to stack in a particular order. Whoever won would get treated to iced coffee, cream cheese and cookies. The Orkun tribe won the challenge. Kimmi said this was the first time she had ever been on the receiving end of the rewards challenge. Ciera said this was the perfect time to talk strategy because everyone was relaxed. Joe said he needed to make the right move at the right time with the right people.

Stephen said losing this week’s rewards challenge really set him off. He said the people he needed to make a move with were bonding with Joe instead. Jeremy said every time Joe won something the bulls eye on his back got larger. Spencer said Joe was always a good bet to win immunity challenges. Andrew said he had a great alliance with Joe and so he had to go head to head with Stephen. Joe said he knew this was coming but didn’t expect it so soon.

For this week’s immunity challenge the survivors had to balance a ball on a disc attached to a rope. Wentworth and Ciera were eliminated right away, followed by Wigglesworth and Jeremy. It quickly came down to Keith, Joe and Spencer. Then Spencer was eliminated, leaving Keith and Joe competing. Keith was then eliminated, leaving Joe as the winner. Joe said now that he was safe he wanted to get Stephen voted out.

Stephen said he was frustrated trying to get Joe voted out. Joe said getting rid of Stephen was a big move but it had to be done and he was using the three girls on the bottom to make it happen. Kelley said she has the hidden immunity idol but didn’t want to use it this early in the game if she didn’t have to. Jeremy said getting rid of Stephen would be a bad move for him but that Andrew wanted Stephen out because Stephen doesn’t like Joe. Andrew said Jeremy made a valid point in wanting to keep Stephen in the game, but Andrew is a lawyer and is used to winning arguments. Ciera said she was begging people to wake up and play the game.

At that night’s tribal council, Kass was brought in as jury member #1. Ciera said no one was fighting for their spot at the top of the game. Kelley said four people were running the whole game but no one wanted to make a move. Jeremy, Andrew, Steven and Joe were the ones running the game. Joe said perception was truth. Ciera said that someone was on top of an alliance and someone was on the bottom. Spencer wondered if there was in idol in play. He also said he thought people assumed the idol had already been found. Andrew said Ciera was making please because she was at the bottom. The votes were then placed and tallied. Kelley then pulled out the immunity idol and cashed it in. Jeff read the votes and announced that Andrew was being voted off the island.