‘Scream Queens’ 108 Mommie Dearest Recap

scream queens 108 mommie dearest jamie lee curtis 2015 images

scream queens 108 mommie dearest jamie lee curtis 2015 imagesThis week on Scream Queens, suspicions about different plots and storylines are confirmed on so many levels with ‘Mommie Dearest.’

Grace meets with Dean Munsch with the hope of finding out what happened to the baby in the tub. In an around about way, Munsch tells her what “may or may not have happened 20 years ago.” Grace gets a little “bout it” and tells her that she is not going to really do anything about what’s going on at Kappa House until it hits her in the face.

And it does later that night while she takes a shower. The Red Devils and a person dressed in a Supreme Justice Antonin Scalia costume show up, and she cracks open a can of whoop-ass on all three of them. She tells them how she learned how to fight thanks to an affair she had while in college and lays it on them, especially Scalia.

Chanel Prime meets with her minions who all give her “grade A intel” to link both Grace and Zayday to the murders. But of course, their information is nothing and Chanel grills them because time is running out. As they conclude their meeting, Officer Denise Hemsfield moves into the house because it’s time for her to have her room. So she takes Chanel #2’s spot because she doesn’t care about the bloodstain. Chanel #3 offers her $3 million to prove that Zayday is the killer. She is on the case.

Grace and the Dean meet again, and she tells her what she wants to know, “hypothetically” speaking about every detail of what “hypothetically” happened all those years ago. The Dean also gives her a folder of information about the woman who had the baby in the house. Grace looks at the folder and sees the girl’s name is Mulligan, which is her mom’s last name.

Back at the Kappa house, Denise seeks out information to possibly prove that Zayday is the one to blame for the murders. Jennifer mentions the time Zayday told her that one of her goals in life is to reap revenge on rich girls everywhere for what a group of them did to her in high school. As she finishes her story, oops, she didn’t realize that her suitemate was in the bathroom. Zayday hears everything. She tells Denise to take her “black ass” to the police station and get a warrant if she wants to charge her with a crime and tells both of them to stay away from her. Later that night, Jennifer is killed during her social media video stream about her candles. The Red Devil strikes again.

Grace and Peter go through the folder Munsch gave her, and they map out the possible things that could have happened to Grace’s mother and the baby. It leads them to a mental institute and a lady who paints pictures shows them a painting of a woman who looks just like Gigi who came there 20 years ago with not one but two babies. A boy and girl. Ahhh, the plot thickens.

Grace rushes to Gigi’s house and confronts her about it. But instead of giving into the young girl’s accusations, she turns things around on her making Grace question her theory. She also breaks the news to her that she and her father are engaged. Whaaaat?

She has to get to the bottom of this, so Grace heads to her dad’s and questions him. Only Gigi got to him first, and he tells his daughter to let things go. She defends why she has to keep searching and also asks him about his engagement. He tells her, however, that he didn’t ask Gigi to marry him and that she just went out to get some stuff for the house and came back with an engagement ring. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings and wanted to have great sex, so he let her think they are engaged.

Chanel continues her quest to take Grace and Zayday down. She hires two foreign investigators who find no dirt on the two but does find incriminating information on Grace’s mother, which gives Chanel all the leverage she needs to blame the murders on her.

And boy does she let her have it. When Grace finally returns to the house, Chanel rips into her. She calls her mother all kinds of names, she tells her she was a horrible person and goes on and on and on. I mean it’s like she carefully crafted all the most hurtful words and phrases you can say to a person and said them to Grace, who is tearing up, obviously. Grace slaps her and then walks away, speechless.

Later, not only has Denise now moved into the house, she has given herself the title of house mother and is wearing the girls’, well Chanel #5 clothes. When Chanel comes in to see what’s going on, Denise calls her to the side and tells her about herself, in particular that she was wrong to say all those things about Grace’s mom. She tells her to apologize to her, or she will sleep with Chad, again. Chanel reluctantly complies.

In the end, we see that Boone has returned to campus looking like Joaquin Phoenix that time he went all hippy bohemian on late night Television, only Boone is not very stealthy. He goes to the gym to pump iron dressed in a dark wig and fake beard. Everyone calls him Joaquin, takes pictures of him and posts them on social media, which is not a good idea. Also, we know that he is one of the Red Devils and that Gigi was in the Justice Scalia costume.

The top is definitely about to blow off this machine.