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10 Things Super Bowl 50 NFL Players Should Avoid

With the news of a Denver Broncos safety being sent home after police questioned him about a prostitution ring, I'd better send out a public service announcement to the rest of the participants of Super Bowl 50.

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Be Our Guest Satisfying Finale

That Golden Globe isn’t the only thing that Lady Gaga has to be excited for these days, the singer-turned-actress can also now boast that she has a season of American Horror Story under her belt.

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ 711 Battle Royale & Secrets Unveiled

After its short holiday hiatus, FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel returned this week with “Battle Royale.” As we near the end of the season, there are plenty of stories that still need to be wrapped up.

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 510 She Gets Revenge Now Finale

This week American Horror Story: Hotel aired its last episode before it heads onto hiatus until the New Year. This week’s episode “She Gets Revenge” continues many of the intertwining plots that were beginning to solidify in last week’s “She Wants Revenge.”

‘Scream Queens’ 113 All Is Revealed Red Devil Finale

The season one finale of Scream Queens was something else to say the least. Along with murder, there was a lot of exposition, which was needed I suppose but overwhelming.

‘Scream Queens’ 111 Black Friday Recap

"Scream Queens" left us with a pretty big reveal this week and honestly, I don’t want the season to end as next week’s two-hour season finale is sure to tie up everything.

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 508 Ten Commandments Recap

After its short Thanksgiving hiatus, American Horror Story: Hotel returned with its weekly dose of scares and seduction. This week’s episode fittingly titled “Ten Commandments Killer” dove into the murders

‘Scream Queens’ 109 Ghost Stories Recap

We learned a lot about the method to the madness on this week’s episode of "Scream Queens," and we are just a little closer to finding out what the killings are really about.

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 506 Room 33’s Back

American Horror Story: Hotel returned tonight with the 6th episode of the season, “Room 33.” While this episode wasn’t necessary the most thrilling, scary or goriest of the series, or season for that matter, it did manage to link some characters together

‘Scream Queens’ 108 Mommie Dearest Recap

This week on Scream Queens, suspicions about different plots and storylines are confirmed on so many levels with 'Mommie Dearest.'

‘Scream Queens’ 107 Beware of Young Girls Recap

This week on Scream Queens, we are one step closer to learning who the killer is taking out the Kappas with 'Beware of Young Girls.' We also get a little TMI for a few of the characters.

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 505 Room Service Recap

Now that Halloween has passed by, we now must rely on American Horror Story: Hotel solely for our weekly dose of creepiness and scare. Season 5 of the series, Hotel, continued tonight with its 5th episode titled, “Room Service.”

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