‘Scream Queens’ 113 All Is Revealed Red Devil Finale

scream queens 113 all is revealed finale 2015 images

scream queens 113 all is revealed finale 2015 imagesThe season one finale of Scream Queens was something else to say the least. Along with murder, there was a lot of exposition, which was needed I suppose but overwhelming. Nonetheless, here’s what happened.

Pete confesses to being the third murderer and just as he tells Grace that the other baby in the tub is a Kappa sister, the Red Devil jumps out of the closet and kills him. Grace is knocked out and thus unable to catch them.

Thanks to the hateful letter she comprised to her Kappa sisters, Chanel has become the most hated woman in America. The Red Devil got hold of her email and sent it to everybody at the university and other important people. The weight of it all gets to Chanel, so she decides to kill herself as a way to escape it.

As she lies on her bed waiting for the poisonous snake she ordered online to kill her like Cleopatra, Zayday walks in and gives her a pep talk, which makes Chanel abandon her suicide attempt and question why she is helping her. Then the Red Devil shows up only it’s not really the Red Devil but a pizza delivery guy made to wear they costume. They drag him downstairs, and he tells him that he is strapped with explosives as he was told it will detonate it if he doesn’t kill them all and low and behold, that’s exactly what happens; but not before the Kappas run to safety. Poor guy.

After the blow-up, Chanel makes everything about her because what’s important here is restoring her reputation. She decides to go on an apology tour like the celebrities do, and the first stop is the former Kappa president Melanie Dorkess.

Grace has a sit down with her dad and tells him what happened with Pete. He suggests going to the police, but she doesn’t feel they will do anything. With the info he gave her, she hatches a plan to get as much info on them as possible on the Kappa sisters. And the way to do that- Wes as to “take one for the team” and sleep with Dean Munsch.

So he sets himself up in her room with candles and flowers. When she returns home for lunch, he is suspicious as to why he suddenly wants to sleep with her but gives in when he starts his playlist all while Zayday and Grace go through her house looking for Kappa info.

While Chanel Prime, and numbers 3 and 5 pay a visit to the Melanie Dorkess, Hester stays behind at the house to enact her plan- she’s the Red Devil killer.

They finally get a chance to see Melanie, and the first thing they do is argue over if she looks more like Jason or Freddy Kruger with the burns on her face. As Chanel begins to apologize, she pulls out scissors and tries to stab her because she is “obviously the killer.” Just as she takes another swing at her Grace and ZayDay burst in and tells her that Hester is the other Red Devil, info they found out while snooping during Munsch and Wes sexing.

After the romp fest, Wes tells Munsch that he is into her because that was the best sex of his life. She doesn’t believe him at first but as he pours out his feelings to her, she caves; but then tells him that Grace is going to have to go if they are to be together.

They girls rush back to the house only to hear screams. They find Hester laid on the floor with a heel shoved in her eye. They think she’s dead, but she suddenly wakes up, points at number five and says, “Red Devil.”

Fast forward, ZayDay is the new Kappa president, Grace the vice president and Hester, the treasurer. What we find out is that she stabbed herself in the eye because things had to look believable in order for her to blame the Chanels. Talk about commitment.

She takes us back to how all it happened starting with her time in the insane asylum. She and Boone were the ones who caused Melanie Dorkas’ facial disfigurement too.

Her goal was to “pin it all on someone else,” and that person is number 5. While Chanel, Grace, and Zayday interrogate her, Hester comes in with fake parents who vouch for her. Then in a crazy turn of events number 5’s parents come in and say that she is not their daughter, but they adopted her from a woman named Gigi. All of this because Hester paid them off two weeks before and they were willing to do it because their daughter “sucks.” Officer Hempfill, who comes in like everything, does down, arrests her. But Hester is not finished and accuses number 3 of being the killer too.

She uses the fact that she is Charles Manson’s daughter and convinces her that her split personality Dirty Helen did it. Then Hester turns it on Chanel Prime. Yep all three of them are arrested.

Back to present day, the rest of the story is so over the top that it’s kind of hard to watch and I mean more than it has been the entire season. Munsch has a bestselling book about the new feminism movement. Denise is off to the FBI, which means her relationship with Chad, who is genuinely devastated, is over. While planting flowers around the memorial for the fallen Kappas, Hester is approached by Munsch, who tells her she knows she’s the killer because she can never forget the face of that baby in the bathtub. She plans on going to the police, but Hester threatens to tell the police she killed her husband, and Munsch immediately backs down. They actually shake hands.

As far as the Chanels, they are found guilty and sentenced to life in a mental asylum. Once there, they actually love it. Chanel 3 finds love in a lesbian relationship; Chanel 5 becomes Chanel’s best friend, and Chanel Prime becomes “house president.” They are surprising happy there.

In the end, as Chanel walks through the rows of beds of sleeping crazies, she climbs into hers, and as she lies down, the Red Devil stands over her with a knife.

And we have to wait until Season Two to find out why.