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Microsoft takes over to disable Trickbot before 2020 elections

Microsoft has taken on the role of James Bond to help defend America's 2020 Presidential election from cybercrime digital network Trickbot.

Donald Trump wants more force to ‘dominate’ protestors

With protestors fighting against excessive police force, Donald Trump wants more force taken to dominate the protests in America.

NSA Shadow Brokers leak mystery continues beyond case

The Shadow Brokers behind the NSA mystery leak are still unknown as the case winds down on Harold Thomas Martin.

GozNym cyber criminal charged trying to steal $100 million through 41K infected computers

The GozNym cyber criminal ring has been charged by the FBI for trying to steal $100 million through 44 thousand infected computers.

How Mueller Report reveals James Comey told truth while Donald Trump lied

Breaking down how the Robert Mueller report proved that James Comey told the truth, and how President Donald Trump wasn't so truthful.

Getting Donald Trump’s Mueller Russia Report facts right

While Donald Trump is rapid cycling with his feelings towards Robert Mueller's Russia report, here are the facts and fictions coming out of the White House.

Facebook ad scams grow while FBI fails hacking victims

Facebook claims they are making things better for users, but ad scams are growing faster than ever. The FBI has let down victims of hackers by not letting them know their rights.

Andrew McCabe faulted by FBI report but not like Donald Trump claimed

FBI finds some fault with Andrew McCabe in new report that had Donald Trump all-capping on Twitter Friday, but we've broken down exactly where fault was found with the former FBI man and his response.

Will Donald Trumps ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen survive Stormy Daniels, FBI raid?

Donald Trump's personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen has really stepped into after tangling with adult film star Stormy Daniels as Monday's FBI raid looks to test his loyalty. Will he really take a bullet for the president and his family like he's claimed in interviews?

Read Devin Nune’s declassified memo released by Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has allowed the controversial Devin Nunes memo attacking the FBI and Justice Department to be released to the public and here is the full four page document to read.

Understanding the Devin Nunes memo and affect on Donald Trump

Just what is all the fuss about the Devin Nunes FBI memo that is awaiting Donald Trump's approval to make public and declassify. Here's the main points of why it's important and what you should know about it.

Jeff Sessions and that ‘black identity extremist’ FBI report

Attorney General Jeff Sessions innocent act wears thin when questions arise about the FBI's report on black identity extremists in America.

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