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‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 507 Lady Gaga Flickers

Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel “Flicker,” dove deeper into The Countess’ (played by Lady Gaga) past. So far, audiences have learned that she uses her powers of seduction to lure in helpless victims, whom she often brutally kills and devours (being that she is a vampire).

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 506 Room 33’s Back

American Horror Story: Hotel returned tonight with the 6th episode of the season, “Room 33.” While this episode wasn’t necessary the most thrilling, scary or goriest of the series, or season for that matter, it did manage to link some characters together

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 505 Room Service Recap

Now that Halloween has passed by, we now must rely on American Horror Story: Hotel solely for our weekly dose of creepiness and scare. Season 5 of the series, Hotel, continued tonight with its 5th episode titled, “Room Service.”

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 504 Devil’s Night Dinner Recap

Things get even creepier on this episode of American Horror Story: Hotel as “Devil’s Night” dives deeper into the horrors of the hotel and those working in it. Additionally, it also continues the storyline of Detective Lowe’s missing son, Holden.


The new season of American Horror Story continued tonight with episode two, “Chutes and Ladders.” After the season premiere dived right into the spooky, gory and intimate aspects of the show, this episode slowed things down a fair bit and allowed us to gain some insight into the various characters.


It’s the moment we have all been waiting for…FX’s American Horror Story returned tonight for its 5th season. Titled American Horror Story: Hotel, this season is centered on the mysterious and unsurprisingly spooky Hotel Cortez.