‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 509 She Wants Revenge Recap

ahs lady gaga she wants revenge recap 2019

american horror story hotel 509 she wants revenge 2015 imagesLast week, American Horror Story: Hotel finally revealed who was behind all of the Ten Commandment killings. It turns out it was none other than Detective Lowe, who has been unconsciously living out two lives. One as a determined troubled Detective trying to find a rampant murderer and the other as the notorious murderer he was searching for all along. However, thanks to Mr. March and Sally, Lowe is now in on his secret murderous life and wants to finish off his Ten Commandment streak with two more victims.

Meanwhile, The Countess is still plotting out how she will inherit new Hotel Cortez owner Will Drake’s massive fortune and Iris, Donovan and Ramona are trying to figure out the best way to get revenge against The Countess.

In tonight’s episode, “She Wants Revenge,” the show turns its focus to the whole situation surrounding The Countess and all those who are out to get her.

The episode begins with The Countess explaining how the last century of her immortal life has been a lie. She reveals that she has presented herself as being in control and put-together. However, she has put her trust in many people who have let her down. Therefore, as she plots to take advantage of her fiancée, Will Drake, she wants to ensure that she is always a step ahead of everyone else. This opening monologue sounds relatively similar to the interview Lady Gaga (who plays The Countess) did with Billboard magazine. In it, she explains that in hindsight she felt she was being controlled and manipulated throughout her past years in the music industry. I think this connection between her own life and The Countess’ must have helped her embrace the character like she does.

Will Drake begins going on about the extravagant wedding he wants to throw. However, The Countess remains adamant that she wants a small, intimate gathering. The Countess enlists Liz Taylor to help her with the wedding planning. At this point, Liz is still furious at The Countess for killing Duffy, but The Countess is too self-absorbed and doesn’t understand the pain she has caused Liz. Nonetheless, Liz refuses to help her.

Meanwhile, The Countess tracks down her former love, Valentino. However, it seems she no longer believes in putting her eggs all in one basket, as she shortly after is seen getting intimate with Donovan and promising that she only loves him.

At the front desk, Iris is welcoming a new trio of guests – two porn stars and their cameraman. A seemingly revived and now immortal (recall: she was turned into a vampire previously) decides to claim these guests as her latest victims, all because she can.

Shortly after, Iris’ son Donovan walks in on the gory murder scene and is impressed how much his mother has “come into [her] own.” Iris then reveals that The Countess found out that Ramona was the one who let out her son, Bartholomew, the other day and Iris is worried that The Countess might figure out that the three of them – Iris, Donovan, and Ramona – are working on a revenge plan together. Donovan assures his mother that he has everything under control, as he currently has The Countess wrapped around his fingers.

While Will Drake gets ready to wed The Countess, Ms. Evers comes in to warn him about his future wife. She claims that The Countess is actually in love with Mr. March. Despite the hints of truth behind her words, Will refuses to believe her – even after she warns him that marrying The Countess is a death sentence.

Meanwhile, Donovan meets up with Ramona, and they discuss how they are going to proceed with their plot against The Countess. In a flashback, Ramona reveals that after The Countess killed her lover, she returned to her childhood home where she stayed with her deteriorating father. When he was near-death, Ramona decided to give him her blood and thus save him. However, her father remained weak, and his mind was too far gone for him to provide any companionship to her, so she ended up killing him. This part of the episode kind of blurs the lines, as it is now unclear how this blood virus that is being passed around really works.

After getting caught up in her story of loneliness caused by The Countess, Ramona finally decides to go all in with Donovan and Iris’ plan.  Unfortunately, when they get back to the hotel, Donovan tricks Ramona and reveals that he is in fact still loyal and in love with The Countess. His mother Iris is shocked by his betrayal and tells him, “You’re the one who’s going to die, son.”

Alex Lowe stumbles upon the dead bodies of countless victims that the infected children have devoured. Alex finds the boy, who was previously dying from the measles, but that she saved with her blood. The boy and his schoolmates are covered in blood as they have been feeding on their parents and other community members (including the pizza delivery boy). Alex tries to convince the kids to come back with her to Hotel Cortez. However, they all refuse and remain adamant that they want to continue living in their self-sustaining clan of vampire, school-aged kids.

Before the wedding, The Countess drops by Valentino’s motel once again. She continues to try and rekindle their romance but is unknowingly seen by Donovan as she leaves Valentino’s room.

Afterwards, The Countess and Will Drake have a very small wedding ceremony in the Hotel lobby. While Liz protests the union because The Countess is “a bitch,” they proceed and officially wed.

After the wedding, Will heads off to the Hotel bar to grab a drink. While there, he encounters Mr. March, who informs him that The Countess has her own son that she has been hiding from him. Mr. March guides Will up to the room where Bartholomew is and Will is, rightfully freaked out by the (presumably) demonic creature. Unfortunately, The Countess walks in right as Will is exclaiming, “holy s*** what is that thing?!?”  Unsurprisingly Will insulting Bartholomew doesn’t sit well with her and The Countess knocks him out.

Shortly after, Will wakes up in a creepy torture room where Ramona is caged up (thanks to Donovan). Fortunately, Will is able to unlock Ramona, but he doesn’t make it much further as Ramona decides to feasts on him. Presumably, Ramona believes she is getting revenge on his new wife. However, little does she know, The Countess has been brainstorming a way to get rid of him from the beginning. While dying, Ms. Evers appears and quips, “I told you so,” to Will, referring to the beginning of the episode where she warned him he would die if he went through with the wedding. In addition, The Countess is watching this whole scene through the Hotel security cameras.

Next Week:

Watch to see who exactly gets their revenge (Ramona? The Countess? Iris? Liz Taylor? Alex?) in next week’s episode “She Gets Revenge” of American Horror Story: Hotel, on Wednesday, December 16 on FX.