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Tags American Horror Story: Hotel

Tag: American Horror Story: Hotel

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Be Our Guest Satisfying Finale

That Golden Globe isn’t the only thing that Lady Gaga has to be excited for these days, the singer-turned-actress can also now boast that she has a season of American Horror Story under her belt.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Golden Lady Gaga Moment Stirs Up Twitterverse

It's never an award show unless something happens, no matter how trivial, that gets picked up all over the Twitterverse and Sunday's Golden Globes were no different as Leonardo Dicaprio and Lady Gaga got people debating on the rules of etiquette.

‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ 711 Battle Royale & Secrets Unveiled

After its short holiday hiatus, FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel returned this week with “Battle Royale.” As we near the end of the season, there are plenty of stories that still need to be wrapped up.

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 510 She Gets Revenge Now Finale

This week American Horror Story: Hotel aired its last episode before it heads onto hiatus until the New Year. This week’s episode “She Gets Revenge” continues many of the intertwining plots that were beginning to solidify in last week’s “She Wants Revenge.”

Nicki Minaj Takes On All Critics & Meek Mill’s Pee While Lady Gaga Talks Boys Club in Music Industry

Nicki Minaj decided to go for the whole twitter-verse in her latest feud. Although the star has been known to get in one-on-one spats with other stars (i.e. Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, etc.)

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 509 She Wants Revenge Recap

Last week, American Horror Story: Hotel finally revealed who was behind all of the Ten Commandment killings. It turns out it was none other than Detective Lowe, who has been unconsciously living out two lives.

Pamela Anderson Closing Book On Playboy & Lady Gaga Woman Of the Year

Back in October, the executives of Playboy magazine announced that they would no longer feature nude spreads. From its very first issue in 1953, Playboy has made a name for itself by featuring nude pictorials of models and some of the hottest stars in Hollywood.

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 508 Ten Commandments Recap

After its short Thanksgiving hiatus, American Horror Story: Hotel returned with its weekly dose of scares and seduction. This week’s episode fittingly titled “Ten Commandments Killer” dove into the murders

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 507 Lady Gaga Flickers

Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel “Flicker,” dove deeper into The Countess’ (played by Lady Gaga) past. So far, audiences have learned that she uses her powers of seduction to lure in helpless victims, whom she often brutally kills and devours (being that she is a vampire).

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 506 Room 33’s Back

American Horror Story: Hotel returned tonight with the 6th episode of the season, “Room 33.” While this episode wasn’t necessary the most thrilling, scary or goriest of the series, or season for that matter, it did manage to link some characters together

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 505 Room Service Recap

Now that Halloween has passed by, we now must rely on American Horror Story: Hotel solely for our weekly dose of creepiness and scare. Season 5 of the series, Hotel, continued tonight with its 5th episode titled, “Room Service.”

‘American Horror Story Hotel’ 504 Devil’s Night Dinner Recap

Things get even creepier on this episode of American Horror Story: Hotel as “Devil’s Night” dives deeper into the horrors of the hotel and those working in it. Additionally, it also continues the storyline of Detective Lowe’s missing son, Holden.

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