‘Scream Queens’ 107 Beware of Young Girls Recap

scream queens 107 beware young girls 2015 images

scream queens 107 beware young girls 2015 imagesThis week on Scream Queens, we are one step closer to learning who the killer is taking out the Kappas with ‘Beware of Young Girls.’ We also get a little TMI for a few of the characters.

The house finally has a funeral for Chanel #2 (Adriana Grande) and, of course, Chanel Prime gives the eulogy. She does not hold back mentioning everything she believes her ex-friend was including a slut who slept with her boyfriend. Not even her parents care that she’s dead according to her.

“As soon as Chanel No. 2’s parents learned that their daughter’s dead body had been found, they went on a cruise to celebrate. That’s how much they hated this dead bitch.”

Everyone says their goodbyes and the quest to find out who the Red Devil or Devils continues.

In the midst of Zayday and Grace trying to determine who is it, there is a second story that unfolds showing just how dangerous and demented Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) truly is. And one is quite prepared for what they will uncover.

The back-story is that her husband, a professor at the University, fell in love with one of the soros the year before. Feather McCarthy took the Dean’s man, and while she tried to play coy about it, Munsch was more than bothered by her husband of many years leaving her for a pretty young thing. I mean, who wouldn’t feel a certain kind of way? We see the gruesome way in which he was killed, arms chopped off and head placed in a fish tank. Munsch is questioned by the police and somehow leads everyone to believe the Red Devil is behind her husband’s demise. But we all know it is indeed the original scream queen herself. Feather is the one who goes down for her lover’s murder and is sent away… to an asylum… in a straight jacket.

Now that you know about that, here’s the rest of the story that feeds into the overall plot of the show. The Chanels continue to hate being under Chanel Prime. Of course, they don’t tell her to her face but behind closed doors and plot to take her out. They make their plans, which is to do it after she falls asleep. But something magical happens which lends to the reaching that the show already does on a weekly basis.

Thanks to a séance after Chanel’s funeral, the girls contact her. They ask her questions like does Chanel #5 have teeth in her vagina as that is one of the running jokes on the show. They also ask who is killing everyone, and she says that Chanel is the murderer. This pisses the president off, and she doesn’t want to play anymore.

Later that night, Chanel is visited by Chanel #2 who is in hell burning and having to pick the food out of the beards of Saddam Hussein with her teeth for all of eternity.

“Yes, there are waterslides, but they’re lined with razor blades and splash down into a pool of boiling pee.”

She tells her former frenemy that she is sorry for all the stuff she did while she was alive and that she is there to make amends because she doesn’t want to be in hell anymore and this is her way out. She also tells her that the others are planning to kill her. Immediately Chanel wakes up and confronts her crew.

They apologize for planning her death, which we all know, is a load of crap. Chanel #6 a.k.a Hester played by Lea Michele is the ringleader. She comes up with the idea to kill Chanel and gets the others to see things her way. She is also the most apologetic when called out about their plan.

Back to Zayday and Grace finding out who is the killer, Pete (who has a huge crush on Grace) joins helping them find out the truth. Which is an issue for Gigi, who we find out has something to do with everything that is happening. She is either one of the killers and or is behind the Red Devils as there are more than likely a few of them. She tells her minions over the phone, to get their stuff together.

“We are murderers hell-bent on revenge. That is our brand.”

And on that note, there’s really all there is to say about this episode. We have five more weeks before we know if our predictions are true, and I am looking forward to finding out the truth. Are you?