‘Scream Queens’ 111 Black Friday Recap

scream queens 111 black friday 2015 images

scream queens 111 black friday 2015 images“Scream Queens” left us with a pretty big reveal this week and honestly, I don’t want the season to end as next week’s two-hour season finale is sure to tie up everything.

I am going to tell you right now, Pete is one of the red devils. Yes! I know he fooled all of us. Well, not really me because if I have learned anything during my time on this earth thus far it’s not to ignore red flags. And finding his suit in his closet AND seeing him in costume are definitely red flags. Now, I know you want to know what lead up to Pete confessing to Grace that he is a murderer so here is what went down.

Chanel, believe it or not, loves Black Friday. She not only pays store employees to let her get in 30 minutes before everyone else, but she also buys up all the hottest deals. I know, so trifling. When it comes to her Kappa sisters, she gets them the lamest, more horrible presents because, I don’t know, she likes to see their disappointment.

At the Kappa House, Dean Munsch sits with ZayDay, who is still reeling from Gigi’s head being severed for Thanksgiving. But that’s old news to Chanel and her minions as they head out to partake in midnight madness. Munsch, however, tells them they aren’t going anywhere. Who does she think she is right I mean, this is Chanel Prime, the girl who gets whatever the hell she wants. There’s no way she’s going to stop her and her crew from going shopping, so she tells her off, and they head to the mall.

In the meanwhile, Grace and Pete go to the police station to get see what’s taking the cops so long to get to the house. What they find out is all of the cops in the town have been fired because they haven’t solved the Red Devil case. Interesting right? So Pete and Grace make a vow to getting to the bottom of things themselves.

At the mall, Chanel picks out the most horrible gifts for the others, and they ask her why she does that every year. Then she does something totally out of character; she decides to get them presents that they will actually like as she comes to a kind of empathy that Christmas is about bringing joy to others not hurting their feelings. So the make their way to the local dealership so that she can get them all matching pink jeeps. Only the don’t get far because the Red Devil locks them in the mall and attacks. The others get away but Chanel decides to stand up to the killer, and what does that get her? An arrow in her shoulder. Just as The Red Devil is about to finish her off, Denise Hemphill, the newest head police officer swoops in to stop him, only she does too much talking, and he gets away.

After all the chaos, back at the house, Chanel convinces the Kappas that Dean Munsch is the killer because she is the only one who knew where they were going and they devise a plan to kill her. Even Grace is in on it, and she and Chanel meet with the Dean under the guise of wanting her to teach them about feminism. They fill a mason jar with apple cider and poison and give it to her. Only, for whatever reason, Munsch doesn’t die.

Grace upset with herself for going along with the plan, visits to Pete, and he tells her she’s not a killer, and she shouldn’t try to kill the Dean. They start to have sex, but Grace isn’t ready, so they don’t do it.

She heads back to the house and tells them it’s not a good idea to kill Munsch but instead of hearing her, they vote her out of the house. Even ZayDay sides with the Chanels. Grace leaves and they devise their next plan, which has to do with taking the Dean to a cryogenic sauna and freezing her. Only, you guessed it; she survives the frigid temperatures.

When that doesn’t work, they resort to chaining and drowning her into the school’s pool. That is a bust too because the Chanels, once again, messed things up by not paying attention which leaves Chanel Prime at the pool with Munsch alone. The Dean is suspicious of what’s going on and needless to say, is on to them. The whole situation pisses Chanel off prompting her to pen a letter to her Soros filled with insults and hate.

In the end, after Grace talks to her dad about sex and he tells her that when she is ready she will know, she goes to Pete’s place. She is shocked to find him cleaning it out, but doesn’t let that mess up her plan of finally doing it. As she prepares to give herself to him, he turns her down, and she is floored. Pete then tells her that he can’t bear the thought of her giving her virginity to a murderer.

That confession coupled with us hearing him tell someone on the phone that he can’t do it anymore while looking at the Red Devil costume earlier in the episode pretty much proves that he’s a part of the murders.

And we will find out how deep Pete is involved next week.