‘Scream Queens’ 109 Ghost Stories Recap

Scream Queens 109 Ghost Stories Recap 2015 images

Scream Queens 109 Ghost Stories Recap 2015 imagesWe learned a lot about the method to the madness on this week’s episode of “Scream Queens,” and we are just a little closer to finding out what the killings are really about.

Boone, because he is Boone, is caught by Chanel #3 in the middle of the night on campus. Only he isn’t truly caught because he convinces her that he is a ghost. Yea, wow, I know.

Back at the Kappa house, Denise puts the girls mind at ease as they pack up since it’s their last night at the house because it’s Thanksgiving break and they have been ordered to leave the campus. Her method, however, is definitely the not the best. Especially after is it found out that Boone’s “ghost” is haunting the campus. Denise gathers them around to tell different scary stories as a means to take their minds off of Boone. But what she doesn’t expect is for one of the tales to actually come true. While in the bathroom, and having to choose between red or red toilet paper (just the victim in her story) the red devil finds and almost kills her, but she gets away and locks herself and the girls in a room. Chanel #5 can’t take it any long and after hearing another “scary story” this time told by Chanel #6, she storms out of the house, gets into her car and drives away.

Meanwhile, Boone makes himself known to Chad, still a ghost, and lets him in on the secret that he is back because he has some unfinished business to take care of and it involves ZayDay. He plans to show her what he has to offer because as you know “once you go black you don’t go back” but she is not having it. She has plans to get it on with Earl Grey, who left her to prepare himself for their night. But that is cut short when after turning down Boone and both she and Grace accidently push him out of a window, Earl Grey is killed by the red devil and yes we assume that it’s Boone.

Speaking of killed, Chanel #5 is almost taken out when, as she is driving, she has no idea that the red devil is in her back seat. But in an eery turn of events, the same story that Chanel #6 tells about a truck driver saving a woman in her car by honking and flashing his lights because a man was in her back seat, the same thing happens to Chanel #5. Only in Chanel #5’s case, the driver is killed and once again she escapes death.

Racing back to the house where things have taken a pretty interesting turn, she is lured into Chanel Prime’s plan to kill Hester a.k.a Chanel #6 who is pregnant with Chad’s baby. Or is she?

While they work out their plan to take her down, Grace and Zayday meet with a detective and Dean Munsch, and it is clear that the man on the case is a total idiot. Not only does he hire a misfit to “sketch” Boone’s face, but he is also too stupid to realize that’s not necessary because, hello, they have pictures of him. ZayDay turns to Munsch and goes off on her because this is her fault. She has let everything get out of control, and Munsch agrees. After telling the detective, who she obviously had a sexual relationship with, that she will tell everyone how he asked her to nurse him in a baby voice, she tells Gracy and her sidekick that she offers Grace and her sidekick some important information, or rather she confirms some important information. There were, in fact, two babies born that night in Kappa house, a boy and a girl, and they are all betting it is Boone.

We find from Boone himself that he was the baby. While he tells Gigi how he feels about their plan, he talks about being raised by crazies who at their own poo, how he studied costume make up for eight months to fake his death and that he practiced slowing his heart rate and breathing for years, so much so that he fooled a coroner. It is clear that he feels a certain kind of way and is about to carry out his plan where he and the other Red Devil kill Gigi but, surprise, his fellow red capped murderer, whose identity is still unknown to us, kills Boone instead.

There is a lot of killing in this episode and the body count stacks up to four with Hester being the last victim. She tells Chad that she’s pregnant which means he has to marry her instead of Chanel Prime, which is why she devised her plan to kill Hester. And to put it in place, she and the other Chanels give her sushi, cheese and alcohol, which Hester readily takes. All are an indication that she is indeed, not pregnant and she confesses that she lied. She also tells Chanel that it doesn’t matter because she’s the one going with Chad to meet his family and stay with them over Thanksgiving break where she will get pregnant. As she storms out of the house, Chanel catches her on the stairs and pushes her and we hear her neck crack when she reaches the bottom.

That’s one twisted Kappa.