survivor second chance 3104 beef images 2015

survivor second chance 3104 beef images 2015The new tribe gets put to the test on this episode of “Survivor,” the Angkor tribe went to camp, and Jeff said he was loyal to Abi and he had to kiss the butts of his other tribe members. Abi said she was uncomfortable with what had happened, but she wouldn’t talk about it. She said she new Woo voted for her twice and if it were up to her he would go home next.

Jeremy talked about how he found the hidden immunity idol. He told Steven to look for it because he didn’t want Steven to know he already had it. He said they could be friends for life after this. Andrew said last time he played Survivor he had an abundance of seafood but that wasn’t the case this time. Woo said he was starting to feel like he was withering away.

For this week’s reward challenge, they had to race into the water, get a bag, bring it back and launch it into a net. The winners would get a barbecue set complete with sausages. Each tribe had to choose one member to run the whole challenge. Savage, Jeremy and Deets were the ones chosen to run. Savage won the challenge for Angkor. The Ta Keo tribe won the second award, a smaller version of the barbecue set. Andrew said he was vindicated now.

Kass said everyone thought she was going to be difficult this season, and she took that to heart and decided to act sincere. Kelley said she didn’t trust Kass and that Kass is sneaky enough to make a fake immunity idol. Kelley then found out Kass had made her a late birthday present instead. Kass said she didn’t have the skills to make an immunity idol.

Spencer said he knew he was in trouble. Monica said she didn’t think Spencer was being honest in this game because he is sneaky. She said once a challenge is lost; Spencer needs to be the one to go home.

This week’s immunity challenge involved each tribe collecting puzzle pieces, blindfolded. The first two tribes that get all the pieces and put the puzzle together correctly win immunity for the week. Jeff, Kim and Kass directed their blinded tribe members to the locations of each puzzle piece. Ta Keo won immunity, as did Bankor. The Angkor tribe was told they were going to Tribal Council.

Andrew said his tribe had hit rock bottom with this immunity challenge. Tasha said Abi was unpredictable. Andrew and Tasha discussed that Jeff needed to go home. Jeff said he thought he or Woo was going home tonight. He said the one thing that might keep him in the game is never having targeted Abi. Abi said Woo stabbed her in the back even though he said he wanted to work with her. Woo said he was trying to rekindle his relationship with Abi. Tasha said Woo should stay because he could help them win challenges, but Abi insisted she wanted him gone. Abi said she had a huge decision to make tonight, and she hated having to make it.

At Tribal Council Woo said he and Varner felt like they were on the bottom. Abi said she had been reflecting on who to vote off because Varner had helped her in the game, but Woo was winning challenges. Woo said he was the pivotal player that would stay loyal. Tasha said they needed Woo on their tribe to keep winning. Jeff Probst said nobody on the tribe wanted to give up. Woo promised Abi he would stay loyal to her and asked her not to vote him out.

After the votes were cast and counted Jeff Probst announced that Jeff was being voted off this week. Jeff hugged and kissed Abi before he left. Woo thanked Abi for not voting him out.