‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3110 Selling Your Soul Off Recap

survivor second chance 3110 selling your soul 2015 images

survivor second chance 3110 selling your soul 2015 imagesThe blindsides kept coming on this week’s episode of “Survivor: Second Chance,” and at Orkun’s camp, Jeremy said Ciera might be the next one to be sent home. Joe said last week one of his biggest allies in the game went home, and he needed to win immunity again because people were coming for him. Ciera said rain messing up their shelter could screw up her entire game. Keith said when people ask him if Survivor is fun he says no.

This week’s rewards challenge took place in the pouring rain. The contestants were divided into two teams of five with the winning team getting to escape the rain somewhere where they would have a roof over their head. The challenge involved playing basketball in the rain, and the Orkun tribe won it. Ciera said it was a huge advantage to have conversations with people outside of their shelter.

At the shelter Spencer said he had been wet for two days straight. They got food, beer and local entertainment as part of the reward. Ciera said she needed to take any advantage she could get and said they should spend time formulating a plan at the shelter. Spencer said he wants Stephen out, but he knows others want him out. Kimmi said she enjoyed the tougher elements of Survivor because she was inspired to be there by her sons. Keith said Joe has to stop winning everything and give others a chance. Stephen said he thought he had his fingers in every pot, and he thought he was in a good position and had room to maneuver in the game.

Stephen said he was having stomach problems and was afraid his body was shutting down. He said every part of him had given up, but he wasn’t quitting the game. Jeremy said he felt bad for Stephen and hoped he was OK because Stephen was loyal to him. He said they needed one day to get warm and dry, and then everything would be alright.

For this week’s immunity challenge, Jeff gave one black rock and one white rock to each contestant. Each contestant had to balance themselves on a small block while balancing a rubber ball against a piece of wood. Whoever lasted the longest would win immunity. Jeff said construction men were at each camp to redo their shelter and would start a fire that would be covered so it would last. Jeff then announced he wanted five of them to give up their chance at immunity for the week. He said this challenge comes down to trust. Ciera said surviving was more important than individual immunity. Holding up the white rock meant they would give up their chance at immunity while a black rock meant they wouldn’t. Joe and Keith were the only ones that refused to give up their chance. Joe won immunity for the fourth week in a row.

Stephen said now that they were dry and had better shelter they could get back to the game. He said Ciera was playing a hard game because she knew she was in trouble. Abi said having a fire going was such an amazing feeling. Stephen said Ciera was the next to go because she was too dangerous. Ciera said she hoped her plan to blindside Stephen would pay off. Tasha said Ciera had unhinged several groups and wondered why no one was getting rid of her. Spencer said he had to convince people to get rid of Stephen. Joe said he wanted Ciera and Stephen gone and no one knew what advantage Stephen had in the game. Spencer tried to convince Jeremy to get rid of Stephen rather than Ciera.

At tribal council, the jury members were brought in. Ciera said the rain was the only thing that had made her cry during this game. Stephen said he was in personal distress and felt completely overwhelmed. Ciera said she had been willing to give up a chance at immunity to help everyone else, but she didn’t know who else might also be willing to give it up. Tasha said she made the unselfish choice to give up a chance at immunity, and Joe said if he had given up his chance he would have been going home that night. Ciera said no lines had been established in the game. The votes were then placed, and Jeremy cashed in his hidden immunity idol for Stephen. Jeff tallied the votes before announcing that Ciera had been voted out and would become the fifth member of the jury.

Back at the Orkun camp Stephen said he had no idea Jeremy had a hidden immunity idol. Jeremy said he knew Stephen would have his back but that now he would have a huge target on his back. Spencer said it was a new game after every tribal council. Stephen said he was annoyed with himself that he had been out of the loop and had no idea Jeremy was going to use an immunity idol on him. Stephen said his feet had swollen, and he hadn’t eaten or slept for days.

Jeff told them a story about Cambodian history, and then each contestant had to go into the woods, find five stations and pick the correct answer of the question found at each station. A correct answer would score the person a gold medallion, and whoever got all five gold medallions was the winner. The winners would get picked up by a chopper and taken to a chicken and steak feast. Stephen was the first one to get all five gold medallions. He chose to take Tasha and Jeremy with him to the feast. Spencer said Stephen made a very questionable decision.

Kelley found a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Stephen, Tasha, and Jeremy arrived for their feast. Stephen said Tasha was one of his first allies in the game, but she had tried to vote him out so he needed to repair their alliance. Joe said Stephen threw himself out there and didn’t even realize it. Joe said Kimmie, Stephen and Tasha were close in the game, and that scared him. Abi said she wanted to go for the plunge. Kelley said her goal was to grab the hidden immunity idol when no one was paying attention. Kelley said for some odd reason Abi was making coffee, and she didn’t know why. Kelley faked taking a nap so she could sneak off and get the idol. She said she was excited to have it and was ready to shake up the game a little bit.

The immunity challenge involved using their feet to drop blocks into a basket and stack them and place them on a flat service. Spencer won the individual immunity idol this time. Joe said now he was vulnerable and really nervous that he might be going home. Stephen said Joe hadn’t been up for elimination before  but now he is and that Stephen was trying to take out Joe from day one. Jeremy said Joe was the biggest challenge in the game. Kelley said her plan was to blindside Stephen and send him home. Joe said he was relying on his social game and was trying to develop something he didn’t have when he was on Survivor last season. Stephen said Abi was insane and suspicious of everyone. Abi said Joe was very shady. Kelley said if the others didn’t stick with her plan she would use her hidden immunity. Stephen said the plan was going to go down the tubes. He told Abi he didn’t know what would happen if they didn’t stick to the plan. Stephen said his advantage allowed him to steal a vote and he could split the vote between Joe and Abi. Spencer said Abi was the most unreliable person in the game.

At tribal council, jury members were brought in. Abi said she knew there were alliances and it all came down to loyalty. Stephen said having an advantage in the game was a scary thing. Spencer said people were throwing out what ifs in the game. Stephen stole Joe’s vote for the night, allowing Stephen to vote twice. Jeff tallied the votes and announced Stephen was going home.