NFL Week 11 Indepth Recap 2015

nfl week 11 indepth recap 2015 pats vs bills images

nfl week 11 indepth recap 2015 pats vs bills images

NFL Week 11 Week In Review

Falcons 21  Colts 24

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Patriots 20 Bills 13

The Pats keep rolling despite star players dropping like sacks of potatoes. Danny Amendola did a good job of impersonating the injured Julian Edelman as #80 hauled in 9 balls for 117 yards.

Rex Ryan succeeded in confusing Tom Brady in the first half, but the cream of the NFL rose to the top eventually with a late score going into halftime then turned it up in the second half.

Brady was sacked just once but got hit ten times. Buffalo is good, not great. The Pats are the Pats and are now six games away from a perfect season at 10-0.

Eye-popping stat: Gronk with just two catches.

Fantasy carnage: Shady or James White was your best bet.

Panthers 44   Redskins 16

Cam for MVP? He’s got my vote, and I’m feeling better about an alleged wager I have for the NFC versus the AFC in the Super Bowl. Newton tossed five touchdowns to five separate Panthers as Carolina rolled over Washington.

The Panthers scored 27 points off turnovers, and Newton ended up sitting out most of the fourth quarter of this blowout. Carolina isn’t a one man team. They are improving overall each week. The defense has not allowed a red zone appearance for opponents in two weeks now.

Eye-popping stat: Cam’s five TD throws to various receivers.

Fantasy carnage: Cam had 31 points on DraftKings and was solid in the standard play of course.

Packers 30 Vikings 13

Clearly the Packers own the NFC North after taking the division lead back and will host the game against the upstart Vikings next time. Winning by 17 in Minnesota makes it obvious who will be king of the north.

Eddie Lacy looked like himself after a week off, and James Jones came back from mediocrity to score a touchdown and catch six balls for 109.

Teddy Bridgewater wasn’t bad in this contest. His line did him no favors and Adrian Peterson was only good for 45 yards on the ground.

Green Bay isn’t on easy street. They still are not on the level of the top tier teams with Randall Cobb dropping balls and Rodgers forced to do too much.

Eye-popping stat: Lacy returned with 100 yards rushing.

Fantasy carnage: Mason Crosby. Yes, a kicker.

Ravens 16   Rams 13

This game was more about injuries than anything else. The Ravens eked out a win but lost Joe Flacco and Justin Forsett for the remaining games. Flacco with a knee and Forsett with a broken arm.

The Rams didn’t escape injury either as Case Keenum suffered a concussion yet was still allowed in the game. Clearly the NFL’s concussion protocol is not perfect yet. I have a hard time understanding how no NFL official did not get involved when the guy is on national TV looking quite woozy.

The Ravens get the win which will be their last of the year so they may end up with the top draft pick in 2016. They have been decimated with injuries this year, so much so lately that it’s easy to forget that Terrell Suggs went down before the season got started well.

Eye-popping stat: Two Ravens starters put out for the year.

Fantasy carnage: The Ravens defense.

Bears 15    Denver 17

Chicago had a chance to tie this one up but failed on a two point conversion, giving Brock Osweiler and his Broncos the win.

The new Denver starter accounted for two touchdown throws, and this game was the first time all year Denver didn’t suffer a turnover from the QB position.

Chicago played tough once again but was unable to get the win.

Peyton Manning could be ready in as little as two weeks according to reports, but if Osweiler is steady, he could keep the QB1 job, and should.

Eye-popping stat: Five sacks on Osweiler.

Fantasy carnage: Osweiler was cheap in DFS so while not scoring a ton of points he was a good bargain.

Raiders  13 Lions 18

What a weird game to watch. Oakland looked nothing like the exciting team that has lit the scoreboard up most of the 2015 season. The first half was really brutal to watch.

Amari Cooper struggled with drops while on the other side of the line Megatron got in the mix with Stafford for a rare decent game between the two Lions.

The score could have been worse in this game so don’t look for things to get better for Oakland. There isn’t a much easier out than Detroit, and they just handed the Raiders their sixth loss of the year.

Eye-popping stat: Zero picks or TDs from either QB.

Fantasy carnage: Stafford. Decent points at a bargain on DFS.

Jets  17 Texans 24

Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to decline along with the Jets entire team.

Houston got their third win in a row as DeAndre Hopkins is now the proud new owner of an island, lighting up Darrelle Revis up all game long until the all world DB exited the game with a head injury.

The Jets have too many problems to list, but their defense is a big part of their troubles. They are no longer producing the turnovers like in the first few weeks, and the Jets have suffered as a result, losing four of the last five games.

Eye-popping stat: 19/39 for Fitzpatrick.

Fantasy carnage: DeAndre all day in everyday fantasy.

Cowboys 24  Dolphins 14

Tony Romo knows how to lift up a fan base. Cowboy fan is clamoring to buy playoff tickets now that Romo is back. Hold off until we see what happens on Turkey Day when the Panthers roll into Texas.

Dallas took care of Miami after the Phins defense had a dominate performance in the first half but looked wore out in the second.

Romo had two bad picks but was able to atone with two TDs. That’s what an elite QB does that guys like Cassel and Weeden can not. They can’t erase their picks with TDs on a regular basis.

Eye-popping stat: 169 for Run DMC.

Fantasy carnage: McFadden and the Dallas defense.

Bucs 45   Eagles 17

Chip Kelly can head back to school anytime he wants. Philly fans won’t miss the genius. Tampa Bay destroyed the Eagles as rookie QB Jameis Winston looked like a seasoned vet with five touchdown passes and no picks.

Not to be embarrassed solely by the passing game, Philadelphia gave up 235 yards on the ground to Doug Martin.

Mark Sanchez managed three interceptions to make matters worse for the Eagles who drop to 4-6 while Tampa moves to 5-5.

Eye-popping stat: Five TDs from the Bucs QB that tied an NFL record for rookies.

Fantasy carnage: Winston.

Chiefs 33  Chargers 3

KC has now won four in a row after dropping five games straight. Quite a roller coaster ride of a season. The Chargers are a good team to have in front of you when you need to extend a winning streak.

Spencer Ware kept the KC running game moving as the third stringer came in to produce 96 yards and two scores. Alex Smith avoided INTs once again, continuing his streak back to week three.

San Diego had just 52 yards rushing as a team, again leaving Rivers to do it all, which isn’t working out in 2015.

Eye-popping stat: 250 team rushing yards.

Fantasy carnage: Spencer Ware, good and cheap in DFS.

Seattle 29  49ers 13

Seattle’s offense rarely looks consistent during the whole game. San Fran makes most offenses look great, and their defense as well.

Seattle got a huge game from rookie Thomas Rawls, who replaced Marshawn Lynch who was out with an abdominal issue. Rawls went off for 209 on the ground and 46 in the air.

Blaine Gabbert to his credit didn’t throw any interceptions and added a TD pass. He just isn’t a threat to win many games with the players he has around him.

The Hawks could finish the season at 9-7 the way their schedule sets up which would likely land them in a wildcard spot.

Eye-popping stat: Wilson was 24-29 with three TDs.

Fantasy carnage: Russell Wilson and Rawls.

Cardinals  34  Bengals 31

Is there a better team to watch in primetime? Arizona was fun to watch again on SNF, keeping this old man up to the final play.

Carson Palmer rebounded from two early picks to go on to toss four touchdowns to four different recipients.

Cincinnati put up a good fight, tieing the game after being down ten points in the fourth. Dalton and crew didn’t fade away but have now lost back to back games after starting 8-0.

Chandler Catanzaro hit the 32 yarder for the three point win, making his Cards 8-2 on the year.

Eye-popping stat: JJ Nelson stepping in a starting role to average 35.5 yards a catch on four grabs.

Fantasy carnage: Palmer