NFL Winners & Losers Week 11 2015

nfl winners losers week 11 2015 cam newton images

nfl winners losers week 11 2015 cam newton images

Another round of winners and losers for week 11 in the NFL coming up. But first things first. Who you got for MVP if you had to vote today? I’d take Cam Newton even though Tom Brady has been a monster.

Newton may not have a long NFL career due to his style of play, but it’s looking like 2015 may be his year. What this kid did at Auburn was unbelievable, taking his team on his shoulders each week. If he can bring a team back from 24 down to a Saban led Bama team then I see no reason he can’t lead Carolina to their first Super Bowl win this year.

NFL Grown man of the Week: Thomas Rawls may have just made Marshawn Lynch expendable starting in 2016. If there’s a team out there in need of Lynch’s services, just hit his agent up. Lynch still has tread on the Beastmobile tires, but why does Seattle need to keep paying him when his backup keeps outshining the starter? Rawls rushed for 209 against San Francisco while Lynch sat with an abdominal injury. It’s the second time this year the rookie has racked up over 160 yards when given more than 20 carries.

NFL Child of the Week: Colin Kaepernick got put on IR for the rest of the year after becoming the backup just a couple weeks ago. The guy isn’t healthy enough to hold a clipboard? Kaepernick just regressed too far for the Niners to have any hope for his future there. He will end up elsewhere next year.

This guy had the keys to the kingdom and somehow managed to get benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert! His team friendly contract will make moving him easy in the offseason, and there are teams out there who will think they can get him back to the player that helped the 49ers get to the Super Bowl in 2013. They are wrong.

Winner: Cam Newton threw five touchdown passes to five different guys. One may have even been to a fan just to see if Newton could do it. The guy should finish close to the top of the MVP voting this year and may even win it should the Pats falter with all their injuries.

Loser: What happened to Matt Ryan? Some theorize he got injured in the Washington game in week five. That’s when things begin to go downhill for Ryan, who has been the biggest part of the Falcons‘ tailspin the past four weeks.

I don’t want to see my QB make excuses or give the opposition a target for his injured body part, but I’d like to know that he isn’t just sucking it up for no reason at all. I’ve moved on to Tom Brady and the Patriots anyway, so I can’t dwell on the bandwagon I just leaped off of in a panic.

Winner: Matt Hasselbeck may be the oldest starting QB in the NFL, but he’s 3-0 after getting over on the Falcons in the Georgia Dome on Sunday. He’s doing what Andrew Luck could not. Win.

Loser: Joe Flacco went down for the count with an ACL tear on a freak play with a guy rolling up on his leg after a pass. The Ravens’ 100 million dollar leader will miss the rest of the year, and Baltimore will probably average about 2.3 points the rest of the year with nearly no offensive players of note left.

Winner: Why did the Texans ever let TJ Yates go? This guy may suck everywhere else he goes, but he’s good for a few great backup performances a year when he’s in a Houston uniform. Yates helped his team roll past the Jets while Brian Hoyer recovered from a concussion.

Loser: Marshawn Lynch may have season-ending surgery and his run in Seattle could end as well. Someone may have to help this exciting running back clean the Skittles out of his locker at the end of the season as a rookie takes his job going forward.

Winner: Tony Romo is still undefeated in 2015. Too bad he’s only played in three games. Also, too bad that he will likely lose this week when Dallas hosts Carolina on Thanksgiving.

The Cowboys are the favorite right now, however. How the hell is that possible?

Loser: Teddy Bridgewater took a pile of sacks as Green Bay took back the lead in their division with a 30-13 come-up-ins beat down of the Vikes. Bridgewater was sacked six times for a loss of 48 yards.

Winner: Tyler Lockett doesn’t get a lot of chances in Seattle’s offense, but he makes his limited opportunities count. The rookie sensation had two touchdowns on just four receptions versus the Niners.

Loser: Bad day for Darrelle Revis. First he is banished from his own island as DeAndre Hopkins dominated the veteran DB all game long. Revis then left the game with a concussion. The Jets can’t afford to have him miss next week, but we’ve seen a few guys miss back to back games with the concussion protocol in effect this year.

Winner: Jameis Winston joins Cam Newton with five TD passes on Sunday. He tied a rookie record with the five touchdowns in the Bucs’ demolition of the Eagles 45-17.

Loser: Me and every other fantasy footballer that had Devonta Freeman on their roster. He went out early in the first quarter with a concussion. The scores on DFS this week were low on average as most sensible people had Freeman.

Winner: Any daily fantasy player who had the good sense to take a risk on Thomas Rawls suiting up in place of Lynch. Rawls was the outlier needed for big money tournaments.

Loser: Rex Ryan and the Bills who could not get past the Pats even after making Tom Brady look human in the first half.  Buffalo also erased Gronkowski from the mix as the big tight end had just two catches on the night. New England pulled away in the second half with Danny Amendola doing a nice Edelman impression with nine catches for 117 yards for the game.

Winner: TNF fans who like to bet on the NFL and play fantasy football.

Loser: TNF fans who like quality football games.

Winner: Carson Palmer came back from two early interceptions to throw four touchdown passes as his Cards got the best of Cincinnati 34-31. The Cardinals and Carolina appear to be on a collision course to rep the NFC in the big game come February.

Loser: The Bengals who have lost two in a row after the SNF defeat at the hands of Palmer and Arizona. This could be the start of a meltdown. Trust me. I’m a Falcons fan, and I know what a meltdown looks like.