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Tony Romo trying fantasy conference again hoping NFL doesn’t block it

Tony Romo Schedules Fantasy Football Conference for July Despite NFL Opposition Past Two Years

Top 5 Quarterbacks to watch in NFL 2017

Who are the top quarterbacks to watch in 2017? I won’t bother talking Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Ben Roethlisberger. We should discuss guys that could be on the move, those who need a bounce back year, and one who may never be the same after one awful outcome.

Best NFL Gift Ever is Tony Romo Dak Prescott Controversy

What could be better for the talking heads of TV land than a quarterback controversy in Dallas? Not much, unless Dez Bryant goes on a locker room tirade, stabbing a reporter. Or Jerry Jones being caught on film

5 NFL Teams that would love to have Tony Romo in 2017

Tony Romo made it clear he would not be a distraction to his Dallas Cowboys when he publicly backed Dak Prescott as the starter for his Boys. Romo fell on the sword for his team so not to rock the boat

Tony Romo proves to a class act

Tony Romo Continues to Handle Cowboys Quarterback Situation with Class

Tony Romo finds greatness with loss of Dallas Cowboys job

Tony Romo did two things yesterday as he acknowledged that the Dallas Cowboys have the right guy quarterbacking the franchise in Dak Prescott. He pierced even the most calloused sports fan’s heart with his speech

Tony Romo fine playing backup for Dak Prescott

Tony Romo Willing to Play Backup as Dak Prescott Leads Cowboys to 8th Straight Victory

Tony Romo doesn’t deserve Dallas job back

Tony Romo has been an elite quarterback over the past decade. He just hasn’t done enough to deserve “his” starting job back with the Cowboys.

Dak Prescott continues leading Cowboys to victory with Tony Romo out

Jerry Jones Vows Tony Romo is ‘No. 1 Quarterback’ as Dak Prescott Continues Dominating

Benjamin Watson, Tony Romo injuries has Ravens John Harbaugh nervous

Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Wants Massive Preseason Changes after Benjamin Watson, Tony Romo Injuries

Six Fantasy Football Quarterbacks to Avoid 2016

The clock is ticking. The natural timer in your head is telling you to pull the trigger. What the hell are you waiting on? Pick a damn fantasy quarterback already!

2015 NFL Season. Who isn’t Hurt?

If 2015 keeps following the current trend, we may see a Super Bowl played with a few scabs who work full time at Kroger or UPS. Injuries have really put a damper on what has otherwise been a great NFL season so far.

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