Top 5 Quarterbacks to watch in NFL 2017

Top 5 Quarterbacks to watch in NFL 2017 images

Top 5 Quarterbacks to watch in NFL 2017 images images

Who are the top quarterbacks to watch in 2017?

I won’t bother talking Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Ben Roethlisberger.

We should discuss guys that could be on the move, those who need a bounce back year, and one who may never be the same after one awful outcome.

There’s no need to talk Brady. He is always a threat to win his boss Robert Kraft another ring.

Rodgers could set TD records throwing to high school sophomores.

As for Big Ben, he has two of the most explosive offensive weapons in the entire League at his disposal. If he can stay healthy for all 16 games, his Steelers can get back to another Super Bowl. And no, the guy isn’t retiring like he mentioned right after his season came to a close.

The five QBs we need to pay attention to are guys who have some mystery surrounding them. We don’t know if their coaches can trust a few of them, and some may be on new teams in 2017.

brock osweiler quarterback nfl to watch 2017

Brock Osweiler. Surely the high priced free agent of last year can improve in 2017? With two full offseasons in Houston, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even with his poor play, the Texans went to the playoffs and actually advanced to round two.

That’s more than 24 other franchises can boast.

kirk cousins nfl quarterback to watch 2017

Kirk Cousins. This guy could end up as a Jay Cutler type player in the long run. Or he could be the ticket to Dan Snyder finally getting to a Super Bowl. I lean toward the latter. Cousins can make big plays, and he had his Redskins close to consecutive playoff appearances. We will find out very soon if Cousins will stick around in Washington with a franchise tag or a long-term deal.

While he’s not a perfect passer, the majority of teams in the NFL would trade their QB for his numbers.

Jimmy Garoppolo nfl quarterback to watch 2017

Jimmy Garoppolo. Everybody’s favorite backup may eventually wind up elsewhere. It will take a desperate team with no confidence in their current passer to give the Pats what they want for the mostly untested backup. Could Kansas City be in the market since Alex Smith hasn’t gotten the Chiefs over the playoff hump? Or the Jets? The Browns could be in the market once they admit RG3 is not the answer.

tony romo nfl quarterback to watch 2017

Tony Romo. Who knows where Romo will end up next year. Clearly, he wants to start again. So if Jerry Jones has any loyalty at all, he will allow that to happen. Even in a new uniform, it will be a coin flip as to whether Romo can complete a full season upright.

matt ryan nfl quarterbacks to watch 2017

Matt Ryan. Having the best season of his career might make the average fan think the sky’s the limit for 2017. Yet for football nuts in the ATL, they are scared to death that Ryan hit his high point in the NFC Title Game.

How can his confidence be the same after his offense failed to secure a Super Bowl win after getting out to a 25-point lead? Not to mention he will once again start over with a new offensive coordinator. One who is a recovering alcoholic at that.

There is no sure thing about the League MVP as we muddle through the offseason. Just ask Carolina fans about their MVP quarterback the year after Cam Newton helped them lose a Super Bowl.