Tony Romo trying fantasy conference again hoping NFL doesn’t block it

tony romo trying fantasy conference again hoping nfl doesn't stop it 2017 images

Tony Romo trying fantasy conference again hoping NFL doesn't block it 2017 images

Tony Romo Schedules Fantasy Football Conference for July Despite NFL Opposition Past Two Years

Tony Romo didn’t have the best 2016. He watched, injured and helpless, as his long-time position of quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys was stolen by rookie Dak Prescott. He also received a good amount of criticism because Prescott was so much better.

But, before the season even started, Romo had to cancel his National Fantasy Football Convention for the second year in a row thanks to “blatant and continued interference” by the NFL.

The conference, which was set for Las Vegas and then Los Angeles last year, promises fans a one-in-a-lifetime experience full of NFL players, legends, contests, draft lobbies, exhibits, and more. The league, however, has made it clear that it doesn’t want anyone—player or otherwise—doing something it feels it could do, despite having shown no inclination to do anything of the sort based around fantasy football.

Romo and company are suing the league, as well as Madden video game maker Electronic Arts, for interference and otherwise stemming from the failed 2015 and 2016 conventions. Despite pending ligation, Romo plans to move forward with the 2017 National Fantasy Football Convention in Dallas from July 14 to 16.

“Our main goal has always been to give the fans a chance to interact with the players during a truly unforgettable experience, and after three years of hard-work were unbelievably excited to see it all come together this summer in Dallas,” said Andy Alberth, CEO of the National Fantasy Football Convention. “We’re also excited about the impact the convention is going to have on local businesses and the overall economic benefit it will have on the city of Dallas.”

Although the league has been silent, one would have to expect a decent amount of backlash for a third consecutive year.

If Romo is able to push the gathering through, it may be his last grand stand in Dallas as free agency and retirement loom. Originally, the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos were expected to show significant interest in the 37-year-old; however, now it seems to be Fox Sports and CBS fighting over Romo. With collarbone and back injuries over the past few seasons, two kids, and a baby on the way, Romo would be smart to consider an analyst job. Sure, it won’t pay as much, but he won’t be permanently disabled later in life.

But, for now, let’s hope he puts the league in its place.