‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3107 Adios Chaos Cass

survivor second chance 3107 adios chaos cass 2015 images

survivor second chance 3107 adios chaos cass 2015 imagesOn this week’s episode of “Survivor Second Chance,” at the Ta Keo camp; Andrew said his fellow tribe members were liars, and he thought he was better at reading people. He said he felt Kass betrayed him, but he wouldn’t go down without a fight. He said if he had to act like a wimp to win the game he would. Spencer said Savage felt guilty because he got caught trying to blindside him. He also said he has to rely on Kass this time, even though he hadn’t in the past.

The Bayon tribe was told to wait for visitors to come to their camp. They were given a map to what would be their new home in the game. Andrew said he wanted the two tribes to merge so he could go back to his Bayon brothers. When the two tribes got to their new home, there was a letter telling them they had been merged into the Orkun tribe. Kelley said this time she made it into the merge, and she was excited about it. Kass said she felt like Spencer trusts her because she has supported him and not lied to him; she also saved him at last week’s tribal council.

Andrew said he was happy to be back with his Bayon friends. He also said Wigglesworth seemed trustworthy, and he wanted her to be one of them. Kelley said she wanted to talk to Joe and Spencer because they were power players in the game. Andrew said it was critical for him to reconnect with Joe face to face.

Kelley said she wanted to check and see if Spencer wanted to work with her. Spencer and Joe talked about who was aligned with who. Tasha said she felt like Kass was fishing for information when she talked to her. She said the first time she went home because of Kass and she wasn’t going to let it happen again.

Kass said she was ready to rumble with Tasha. She said the original Bayon tribe was going to be running the game. Tasha told Kass she didn’t trust her because that is what she learned the first time around, but Kass said Tasha played right into her hands. Andrew said he would never go after Joe.

For this week’s immunity challenge, they had to move down a beam while balancing a ball. It came down to Joe or Spencer to win individual immunity this week. Joe won the week’s immunity at tribal council.

Joe said he had been put in a position where he and Spencer were big swing votes in the game. Andrew said he had wanted to win immunity to prove he could compete against his younger tribe mates. He also said he wanted Ciera gone from the game and that he didn’t trust her, and she was super dangerous. Andrew called Ciera public enemy #1.  Joe said Kass was ruthless and haphazard and that scared him. Spencer said he wanted to save Kass but wasn’t sure if he could. Keith said Kass stirred up a lot of bickering, and he’d be happy to let her go home. Kass said if she could get enough people to vote with her Tasha would be gone. Spencer said it was up to him who went home that night, and he had never been in that position before.

At tribal council Ciera said the season had been crazy so far. Kass said Tasha was causing chaos and Tasha denied it. Ciera said you never wanted to be involved in chaos in this game. Spencer said it was an easy vote, but Ciera said that wasn’t true.

Votes were then cast, and Jeff tallied them. He then announced that Kass was being sent home but would become the first member of the Survivor jury.