SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE 3101 Meet the Second Chancers & Bye Vytas Baskauskas

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On the season premiere of “Survivor: Second Chance,” the fans selected 24 former Survivor contestants to compete in this season. This season the Survivors must live on the shore of the South China Sea in Cambodia. Jeff said it was a unique season and welcomed all the new players. Ciera said there was pressure to not let America down.

The contestants came to the island on three separate boats. Their first task was to grab camp supplies on their boats. On a nearby boat was a bag of rice that whoever got it first could take with them for their tribe.

Spencer said he didn’t trust anyone and he was going to do what was best for him in the game. He said he wanted more one on one conversations in his first three days on the island than he did for the whole season he was on. Ciera said everyone seemed in good spirits and was getting along. She also said she wanted to rewrite her story this time around. Keith said his second time would be much different than his first was. Jeremy said he felt good with his tribe and he hoped Keith would team up with him. Jeremy also wanted Tasha and Savage in his corner. He said the number one person he wanted on his side was Joe. Joe said he learned the alpha males either teamed or went up against each other. Stephen said he felt out of place in his tribe, just like last time. Stephen said he had to be in charge of his tribe or he would “overplay” the game. Vytas said that he was good at manipulating peoples’ perspective but he didn’t want the other contestants thinking he is a manipulator. Shirin said Vytas came off as smarmy and that’s what she thought of him in his past season of Survivor also.

survivor second chance 3101 cast images 2015Shirin said Vytas had connections to their tribes and the other ones. Abi found her bracelet in another contestant’s bag. Peih Gee said she hadn’t stolen Abi’s bracelet, she just grabbed the bag assuming it was empty. Kass said other people were there to prove something but she was just there to win. Stephen went to look for wood and started looking for the immunity idol while he was at it. Stephen said he didn’t want people to judge him for being a nerd. Andrew said he was in awe of Joe.

On day two Jeff said he felt like he had never played the game before and this one was going too fast. He said he was going to play the game hard but didn’t want anyone to realize that. Jeff said he didn’t want to turn on his tribe members who had built their shelter. Jeff said he didn’t know if he should go old school or new school in this game.

On day three Kelley said she wasn’t wasting her second chance to win. She collected coconuts so she could look for the immunity idol at the same time. After walking by a tree she found a note with a hint telling her how to find the hidden immunity idol. It said the idol was on the site of the first challenge for the season. Kimmi said their first challenge for this season was the first challenge of the first episode of the first season of Survivor. Joe led his tribe in Yoga, which Keith said he wouldn’t do. Tasha was distracted during Yoga by Joe’s muscular body. Shirin said Joe was so over the top. Vytas said Abi is a tough person to deal with and she had sent him negative vibes. He also said it would be smart to vote out Abi because no one likes her.

The immunity challenge, Quest For Fire, involved both tribes racing to a raft to light a series of fires and then retrieving a key using nothing but a pole. The reward for winning this challenge was a fire making kit. While no one was looking Kelley grabbed the hidden immunity idol.

The Tae Ko Tribe lost and then found out they were going to Tribal Council right away. Woo said there was a big division happening in the game already. Peih Gee said she’d been trying to correct the mistakes she made the last time she played Survivor. Jeff said there had been a lot of work on the beach by tribe members for the first three days of the game. Woo said tonight’s vote would set the tempo of the game. Abi said she was nervous and would be heartbroken if she went home already. Jeff said he was “balls to the wall” and was dying to see what would happen now. Vytas was then voted off the island.