LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD 203: Miles & Milan Fixer Upper

love hip hop hollywood recap miles milan 2015 images

love hip hop hollywood recap miles milan 2015 imagesLove and Hip Hop Hollywood continues to heat up and definitely has been having major moments earlier on in the show. And by major moments I mean fighting.

It opens up with Teairra Mari and Hazel meeting up to “hash out” their issues. Since TM reached out to her after her grandfather died, Hazel took that as a sign that her former bestie is trying to mend things. They talk, which turns into yelling, but doesn’t escalate to fighting and Hazel says in her confession that they will never be the same, but they can be cool again. Awwwww, great!

Milan and Miles still have their differences as Milan just can’t understand why Miles has been acting distant. Missing their dinner dates, not being there for him when he needs him and just being altogether a lousy boyfriend. He and Hazel have a conversation as a way for him to sort things out. He tells her that he believes Miles is cheating and she says the only way to really find out is to confront him. Sooooooo, he does and let’s just say it does not go well. Miles gets defensive when Milan asks him were he’s been. Miles lies and says he was in the studio which we know he was really with Amber and her daughter and Milan doesn’t buy it either. Mainly because whenever Miles uses the studio, Milan gets credit card notifications. Miles doesn’t like being questioned and storms out, leaving his boo and his cutie pie dog on the couch in silence.

After what happened in the park at Nas’ bootcamp (Nia showed up and it just went south too quickly) she pays a visit to Soulja Boy during a video shoot. They talk and he pretty much tells her “yes, we fuck, you have known what it is from the beginning so stop tripping, me and Nia are it not you.” She storms out but makes it clear in her confession that she and Soulja both know he’s not finished with her.

Nia too is trying to figure out how to deal with their altercation. She meets with Apryl and her friend for brunch and they “girl talk” it over. Nia tells them that she feels a need to speak to Nas to get things out in the opening once and for all because if you she comes for her, “she’s going to get it.”

So the two meet up later and their “conversation” consists of them going back and forth “the boy is mine, no he’s mine… well that’s not what he said last night.” Nas calls her the scum between her toes, which triggers Nia and she throws a drink in her face. They fight, they are pulled off of each other and Nia leaves because she “can’t take that bitch anymore.” Teddy Riley should really get his daughter (Nia). This is a horrible look for her to be fighting over someone that she knows cheats on her. But that’s just my two cents.

Fizz and his girl Kamiah have some issues and they break up. He doesn’t like the fact that after he came back from out of town, she moved some of her stuff into his place while he was gone. They have their argument (while rock climbing by the way) and he tells her he’s having appetizers right now, he’s not ready for the main dish. She takes that to mean he’s been taste testing this whole time. She’s through and tells him she coming to get “all the stuff” she moved into his apartment.

We don’t really see a lot of Ray J this episode and we see none of Princess. Ray J does, however, have a conversation with Brandi (no not his sister) Whitney Houston’s goddaughter and the wife “not the side chick, not the close friend but wife” of L.A. based producer Max Lux. We see how crazy she really is too later on in the show when she tells her husband, who is going to the studio without his wedding ring, that he needs to call her every four hours and when he brings up about her hiding out in his trunk, she reminds him that it was for a reason. I never get how women can say that their men are their “everything” when they have cheated on them and put them through hell.

At the end of the show, she and Nikki, who is LHHH’s Karlie Redd if you ask me, concoct a plan to get into the studio and when they do, boy this chick goes crazy on the “BECKIES” she finds there with her man. They weren’t doing anything but just the sight sets her off. She had to be carried out.

“Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” is definitely serving the drama and it’s only been three episodes.