‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3106: Devil Bunking & Eating Oddities

survivor 3106 devil bunking and eating things 2015 images

Surprises hit on this episode of “Survivor Second Chance,” at Ta Keo’s camp, Jeff Probst showed up in the middle of the night with bad news for Deitz. His son was in serious condition in the hospital and his son’s doctor, as well as Deitz’s wife, urged him to come home right away. He said goodbye to his tribe and left with Jeff. Kass said she thought you had to be a parent to imagine how scared Deitz was when he left camp.

The Angkor tribe was eliminated by Jeff and contestants were reassigned to one of two tribes; Bayon or Ta Keo. Spencer said that he and Kass have feuded but how they get along would change his game.

This week’s rewards challenge involved tribe members racing down a slippery track while holding a ring that they had to toss onto a post. The first tribe who got three rings on the post would get a picnic delivered to their camp with food such as fried chicken and mac and cheese, with brownies for dessert. Ta Keo won the challenge.

Spencer said he was worried about how the Ta Keo tribe would work out for him. He said interacting with Kass was a little cagey, and he was going to try and treat her like anyone else. Andrew said that Spencer was a wonderful kid and if he had a son he would want his son to be like Spencer. Kass said she would love to get rid of Spencer and didn’t want to be in a tribe with him.

At the Bayon camp, they had trouble cooking food. Joe said he is in a good spot now with the two new tribes. He said he wanted to keep Kelley around. Kelley said she had the hidden immunity idol, but she would still let Joe protect her in the game. Stephen was trying to convince Jeremy to get rid of Joe, but Jeremy didn’t want to because then he would be the biggest person in the game, physically. Stephen was broken up about the idea of blowing his second chance to win the game.

This week’s immunity challenge was to race to eat local Cambodian delicacies the fastest. The first tribe to find four of them would win immunity. The first delicacy was tarantulas. Spencer and Woo scored the first point for Ta Keo. The second delicacy was a giant water beetle. Keith scored the second point for Bayon. The third delicacy was pig snout. Kelley won the third point for Bayon. The fourth delicacy was a deep-fried frog. Ta Keo and Bayon were then tied. The fifth delicacy was pig’s brains. Woo, scored a point for Ta Keo. The sixth delicacy was a scorpion. Bayon scored a point to make it a tie again. The seventh and finally delicacy was duck embryo. Bayon won immunity for the week.

Kass again said she wanted Spencer to go home and that he had a 0% chance of winning the game. Woo said the tribe already talked about who they wanted to vote out, and the plan was to vote out Spencer. Woo said he was finally in tune with the game. Spencer said he had wanted to play the game with Savage because he could trust him. Andrew said even though he likes Spencer he needed to vote him out so that Andrew could win the game. Sierra wanted to get rid of Woo. Sierra told Spencer Savage was targeting him to go home.

That night at Tribal Council Savage said he was working on his personal game. Spencer said this season was about getting along with people. Woo said he now knew he had to be cutthroat in the game to make it. Savage spoke highly of Kass. Sierra said navigating people was one of her strengths. Savage said he had no doubts about that night’s Tribal Council. Spencer said everyone in the game had some degree of confidence. Jeff then let the contestants vote, tallied them up and announced that Woo was being sent home.