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As ‘Big Bang Theory’ ends will studio audiences too? Plus ‘Game of Thrones’ winner

Will studio audiences survive the end of Big Bang Theory, plus Game of Thrones gets comedy competition.

‘Survivor Second Chance’ 3112 Villains Have More Fun Except Abi

On this week's episode of "Survivor: Second Chance," Abi and Spencer discussed that it was best Joe had been sent home. Kelley said that now everyone had an equal shot at winning challenges.

SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART EP 8: Faking But Not Making For Joe

On this week’s Survivor, Shirin tried to figure out if the other contestants would make moves on each other. Now that Hali was been voted off Jenn said she wanted to leave the game because it wasn’t fun anymore.

Brad Culpepper Fraud Lawsuit Over SURVIVOR Appearance

Brad Culpepper's wife is really wishing she hadn't pushed for her husband to join her on the CBS reality series Survivor. Now Monica is feeling the backlack of the insurance industry after they're questioning how someone who got a huge disability payout

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