SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART EP 8: Faking But Not Making For Joe

survivor cast images 2015 for ep 9 joe voted out

On this week’s Survivor, Shirin tried to figure out if the other contestants would make moves on each other. Now that Hali was been voted off Jenn said she wanted to leave the game because it wasn’t fun anymore. Shirin talked to Mike about forming an alliance but Mike said he would have to trust Shirin first. When he asked Shirin who she wanted to get rid of she suggested Caroline.

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For this week’s Rewards Challenge the contestants were divided into two teams (the red team and the blue team) of five each and had to race through an obstacle course. Both teams had to race to the platform at the end of the course and the first team to use a grappling hook to reign in five rings floating in the water would win the challenge. The reward for winning this challenge was a supply of chocolate candy such as M&Ms, Twix, Snickers and Dove bars. To give them extra motivation to win the challenge each contestant was allowed to eat one M&M. Jeff then told them to divide into two teams of five. Dan, Shirin, Tyler, Mike and Sierra (the blue team) were the team that won the challenge and access to the chocolate candy. Mike said they had been dreaming of Snickers since the first day of the game.

Jenn was doing very well in the challenge but her team still lost. When the challenge was over she looked angry at having lost and Jeff asked her what it felt like to lose this challenge and she said others could never understand what it feels like unless they have competed on Survivor themselves. Joe disagreed with Jenn and said that each of them had signed up for the experience of being on Survivor and that he was still happy to be there. He also said losing challenges is part of the game.

As the blue team arrived to enjoy their chocolate candy, Mike said that the chocolaty goodness took him back to this childhood. Rodney said he didn’t want to soak in another loss so he was going to look at things positively. Jenn’s tribe went to cook their chicken and Jenn once again got upset because she has been against killing, cooking and eating the chickens.

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Joe said going into the immunity challenge he was nervous. Jeff announced that they had to balance on their toes with a block balanced on their head. When the block fell off their head they would be eliminated from the challenge. The last person standing would win immunity that night. Caroline was the first person to be eliminated from the challenge, immediately followed by Will. Cherie then dropped. Joe struggled to stay in the challenge but kept recovering. Rodney was then eliminated, followed by Dan. Joe then got eliminated from the challenge, the first one he had been eliminated from. Jenn, Tyler and Mike were the three remaining in the challenge. Mike then got an eliminated and it came down to Jenn and Tyler after 30 minutes. Jenn then lost her balance and Tyler won individual immunity for the week.

Shirin said no one knows this game as well as she does and that she is the swing vote for the week. Mike said he wanted Shirin to vote to eliminate Joe that night. He then told Shirin to vote for Jenn at Tribal Council and Shirin said she didn’t want to vote Jenn out because Jenn is her friend. Joe said he had everything he needed to make a fake immunity idol. He then disappeared from the rest of the tribe so he could get started on the task. Joe then told Mike he would vote Jenn out if Mike would guarantee the numbers would go in Joe’s favor at Tribal Council that night. Joe told Mike he had the idol and he would give it to him if Mike guaranteed the numbers for him.

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That night at Tribal Council Jeff brought in Hali as the first member of the jury. He then asked Jenn about her performance in the immunity challenge. Jeff also said that sometimes Jenn seemed like she wanted to be in the game and other times she didn’t want to. She said that there were many reasons why she wanted to win individual immunity and she would have given it to Joe if she earned it because she wanted to see the looks on everyone else’s faces if she did. Jeff asked Jenn why she didn’t quit the game and Jenn said it was because she was not a quitter. Joe said he loved this game enough to fight to win it but it didn’t seem like Jenn did. Shirin said she understood when Jenn didn’t want to be there. She also said that she connected to both Jenn and Joe and that Jenn was a very strategic ally. Mike said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to play his hidden immunity idol. Each contestant then cast their vote.

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Jeff then counted the votes and asked if the hidden immunity idol was being played and Mike did try to play it. However, the idol was faked and Jeff knew it immediately. Jeff then announced Joe was voted out and that he was the season’s second Tribal Council jury member. Jeff said tonight’s vote illustrated a basic Survivor strategy and that Joe was voted out because he was seen as a threat.

survivor cast images 2015 for ep 9 joe voted out