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Survivor Worlds Apart this week was off to a quick start as Rodney suggested to Tyler that they stomp on Mike because Mike will be freaking out since Joe was eliminated from the competition last week.

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The contestants showed up at “Trader Jeff’s” where Jeff told them they would be participating in an auction. The first item brought out to bid on was covered and Jeff would not reveal what was under the cover. Will won the auction for the first item by betting $100. Jeff then revealed that Will had bought himself a note that said he was eliminated from the auction and he needed to go back to the tribe’s camp.

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The second item Jeff announced for auction was immediately revealed to be a plate of hot, sizzling fried chicken and a heated waffle. Shirin got the plate after betting $300. Jeff then asked if anyone wanted to declare they would not be betting on food during the auction and three tribe members did so. Jenn then bet $100 on a plate of meat. Rodney won a steak in the auction as well.

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The next item Jeff announced for the auction was a collection of notes written by the loved ones of the tribe members, which made Dan look like he was going to cry. Sierra bet $20 and got the collection of notes. Dan, Caroline and Mike were then told they could buy the notes from their loved ones for $20 each. Once the tribe members had each gotten their notes Jeff pointed out that Dan looked very emotional even though he hadn’t seen the note yet. He said that he was so emotional because day 2 of the game was his wedding anniversary with his wife and it was the first one they had ever spent apart. Caroline and Mike then returned their notes to Jeff without even reading them.

Jeff then showed the next item for auction, which was going to be a benefit to anyone who had it, though he wouldn’t give them any details. Caroline, Dan and Mike pooled their money so that one of them would get the item. Dan won what turned out to be a white rock that Jeff said would offer an advantage in the game. Jeff gave Dan a sealed up box and told him to open it when he was alone. He then announced that the auction was over.

Will discovered that in the auction he had received a map. He said that this could be huge for him when it came to advancing in the game. Using the map he found a big box buried in the ground. When he opened the box he saw a note and some jars of food. The note said though he bought himself out of the auction he also bought a secret stash of food items that would keep him going throughout the rest of the game. Electrolyte powder was one of the items included in the box. He took the jars of snacks and said he was going to take them back to camp and share them.

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When Will got back to camp he gave Jenn his note to read out loud. Mike said he refused to take his loved one’s letter because he wanted to stay in the game and didn’t want anyone to resent him. Rodney told Mike to relax and “stop running his damn mouth.” Sierra said that Mike had become exhausted and paranoid and that was why he was acting the way he was. Shirin and Sierra then opened their notes from their loved ones. In Jenn’s note were pictures of her beloved pets.

Rodney said he was going after Dan’s vote because he needed it. A very emotional Dan told Rodney he loved him and Rodney returned the sentiment. Rodney said if this wasn’t Survivor he would beat Mike up for the way he has been acting, but instead he was going to concentrate on beating Mike in the game.

Dan opened his secret box he won in the auction to find out that he was getting an extra vote at tribal council this week. The note said when Dan wanted to use that vote he had to announce it. Dan said he had expected to win immunity for the next challenge but that he was thrilled he had an extra vote to use instead.

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Tyler told Will that the other tribe members were saying Will had other food stashed away somewhere and he only gave them the foods he doesn’t like. Will said “it’s on” after finding out that the others were complaining about the foods he shared with them. Will then flipped out on Shirin, telling her she was greedy and all she ever did was flip out on people. He told Shirin to never question his character again. Shirin said she had been verbally abused growing up and Will’s words to her made her cry.

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When the tribe arrived for their challenge and Jeff asked them how they were doing, others said they were doing well but Will said he wasn’t. Will wanted to sit out of the challenge even if it hurt his chances of winning the game because if he sat out he would get the letter from his loved one. Jeff said the rest of the tribe had to agree for him to sit out but Shirin wouldn’t agree to it. Jeff then explained the challenge to everyone. The challenge involved moving through a teeter totter course while holding a ball with a device that looks like chopsticks. Mike won the challenge and individual immunity.

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Mike told Dan no one else had his back and they were using him. That night at Tribal Council the jury members, Halie and Joe were brought in. Will and Shirin got into a verbal altercation. Sierra said by now each tribe member is fighting for themselves. Jeff then announced that it was time to vote. After tallying the votes, Jenn was sent home.

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