SURVIVOR WORLDS APART Ep 2 Recap: Vamoose Vince

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On this week’s Survivor Worlds Apart Dan lost his underwear in the water and had to create a new pair using the resources he had available to him. He took his belt and wrapped it around his waist to secure his shirt well enough to cover his rear end. Lindsay then said that Dan’s way of playing the game is dumb. She said he was trying to be funny and entertaining because the novelty of him being annoying was wearing off.

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The white collar tribe didn’t succeed in making a fire for their camp until the fourth day of being on the island. Max said they had been struggling just to be able to get their basic necessities. He admitted that because they don’t work with their hands they don’t know how to help themselves survive. Max then took off his shorts and went swimming. Tyler theorized that Max might be doing this to distract his fellow tribe members in order to get the upper hand over them in the game. Max then said getting naked was a great way for him to have some alone time while on the island so that he could think. Shirin said that Max is a trend setter and that it is good to be naked all the time. She then took off her shorts to wash their dishes in the ocean.

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At the camp of the no collar tribe, Hali said she wanted to get to know Nina better but that it was tough to do since Nina is deaf. Vince said that the girls in their tribe are just snarky to each other. Nina confessed that people push her away because she is deaf and she was hoping her experience on Survivor would be different. She was upset because the other women in the tribe went swimming naked but didn’t ask Nina to join them. Nina then confronted them about the fact that they had been ignoring her since the first day of the competition. She said it would have been nice if the other women in the tribe tried a little harder to include her in what they were doing. Jenn said that she had been having fun skinny dipping with the other girls and that Nina was ruining it. Jen then said Nina should get it together and stop crying. Jenn then said that she figured Nina was used to being coddled but that wasn’t going to happen during this game. She also said that she figured they would have to baby Nina now. Will then said that Nina is a sweet person but it was easy to look at her and see that she was lost. Vince complained that even though he was doing all the work for the tribe, Joe was getting all the credit for it. He said that Joe loves being the center of attention and that pisses Vince off. Will then said that Joe and Vince were both fighting for power over the tribe. Joe then called Vince a loose cannon.

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At the camp of the blue collar tribe Rodney complained that Mike was busting his balls and that Mike wasn’t able to just relax. Mike said he felt he was more blue collar than anyone else on the tribe. He said that while he wanted to play basketball with the rest of the tribe there was work to be done.

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For this week’s immunity challenge the first thing Jeff Probst did was take back the idols. He then explained the water obstacle course that the tribe members would have to navigate. At the other end of the obstacle course they had to get five buoys into a basket in order to determine who would win immunity. Jeff said the first team to finish would win a fishing kit. Each tribe then had to pick one member to sit out of the challenge. Vince, Dan and Tyler were the first three to tackle the obstacle course. Joaquin ended up winning the challenge for the while collar tribe. Sierra then won the challenge for the blue collar tribe, leaving someone on the no collar tribe subject to being eliminated at tribal council. The white and blue collar tribes then got the immunity awards from Jeff. These two tribes were then sent back to their camps.

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Back at camp the no collar tribe expressed their displeasure over losing the immunity challenge. Vince then said that it was obvious Will was exhausted during the challenge, implying that is why the tribe lost. They discussed taking Joe out but admitted they didn’t know if they could win challenges without him. Nina said that she is sticking with Joe and Will because she knows the other tribe members want her gone. Joe said that at 54 years old Nina is the weakest link. They agreed to have two of their members vote for Vince and the other two to vote for Nina. Will then said he didn’t want to vote Nina out. Vince told Will that he doesn’t trust Jenn and Will told Vince that Jenn wanted to send Will home. Will and Vince then said if they could get Jenn kicked off the island they could control the other women in their tribe. Nina asked Will about his health and Will said that he was fine. Will then said he didn’t know if he could trust Vince.

vince vanquished bulge from survivor worlds apart 2015

At tribal council that night Jeff asked the no collar tribe about group dynamics. He asked Nina what she had seen as far as tribe members either pairing up or not getting along. Nina said she hung out with Will because they had a lot in common. Jenn confirmed that she is with Joe and Haili in this competition. She also said that some people do better during the challenges than other people do. Vince said he had been trying to listen to his gut rather than head. The votes were tallied and Jeff announced Vince was going home.