SURVIVOR: SECOND CHANCE 3102 Shirin & Spencer Go Bottom Up

survivor 3102 shirin spencer jump from top to bottom 2015

survivor 3102 shirin spencer jump from top to bottom 2015Spencer and Shirin got to see how quickly things change on this episode of “Survivor: Second Chances,” and Kelley said Tribal Council was devastating and this isn’t how she wanted it to start out. She also said she hadn’t had a chance to look at her immunity idol. Spencer said those playing new school had an edge over those playing old school so far. Jeff said hey voted out Vytas so he could get rid of Shirin and Spencer next, because they were playing the game too hard. Terry said he left Tribal Council feeling like crap and said he had to make sure to play a social game this time around.

Joe said he wanted to have fun and do stuff, so he made a hammock. He said last season he was the game’s biggest threat and this time he just wanted to be someone other people needed. Stephen said Joe is too good for his own self. Abi said she was trying to act like a new person this season. Spencer called Abi a drama queen and said it was frightening he had to protect her in the game because it was for his best interest. He called her a permanent liability. Spencer accused Abi of being there to cause drama and Stephen said she pushed everyone’s buttons for her own entertainment.

Kass said the other players this season are nicer than the ones she dealt with on her previous season. Jeremy said he is competing on Survivor again because his wife is pregnant. Peih Gee said she was embarrassed to be caught talking about Abi behind her back, but she knows no one likes Abi. Abi said the whole alliance was making her look like a fool. Terry told Abi he liked her and wanted her to stick around.

This week’s immunity challenge was a race across a frames with a rope carrying heavy crates. There was a puzzle in the crate and whoever put it together first would get a survival tool kit and materials to improve the shelter at the camp of the winning tribe. Joe’s tribe won the challenge. Jeff said Spencer or Shirin were going home this week because they were the ones responsible for the tribe losing.

Spencer said he was happy to have control of the game with Shirin. Jeff said he wanted to get rid of threats as soon as possible. He said the two biggest threats in the game were Spencer and Shirn. He also said that they are a two headed snake and he doesn’t care which head gets cut off. Peih Gee said Spencer and Shirin are the only ones she doesn’t get along with. Kelley said Shirin and Spencer were her original allies. Shirin said she wanted to make sure Abi still felt good because she was all over the place. Shirin apologized for not having stood up for Abi the night before in a verbal argument about the game. Abi said she tried to have Shirin’s back but she couldn’t do any more for her. Shirin said she and Spencer should be riding high in the game but they are not. Spencer said he was frustrated and exasperated about his position in this game and that he had to make getting through the week a priority. Woo said he wasn’t going to align himself with Shirin when he doesn’t even know her. Shirin said she felt sick at the thought of going home. Spencer said he wanted this time on Survivor to be different but it was turning out the way it did last time he played. He said he didn’t want to screw over Shirin because she was the only one he wanted to play the game with.

At Tribal Council Spencer said he thought they all had amnesia since last time they played the game. Shirin said her first time around was rough and this time was becoming rough too. She said some people have lost trust in her. Abi said Peih Gee and Shirin were talking behind her back and she felt betrayed as a result. Abi also said Terry was the only one to rescue her in this game. Shirin said change was hard and that they couldn’t necessarily do it overnight. The voting took place and Jeff Probst tallied the votes to determine that Shirin was going home.