Kim Davis Jesus Time Out & Tidal’s Jay Z Beyonce Overflow

kim davis time out from jesus 2015

Here we are the middle of the week already and boy have there being some things going on. Kim Davis may get support from Pope Francis but in reality, her actions would have made Jesus put her in a time out. Tidal is ready to crash our shores with the biggest hip hop r&b concert ever, and Brian Austin Green wants some of soon to be ex-wife’s Megan Fox‘s Ninja money.

kim davis time out from jesus 2015Kim Davis Gets Support from Pope in Secret Meeting

It seems that we just can’t get away from this damn Kim Davis. If she’s not saying how much she feels she is right for denying gay couples marriage licenses, she is telling us about her secret meeting with Pope Francis?

This woman has become a celebrity all on the grounds of “sticking to her guns” and not giving into society? She is a joke and it disgusts me that people are hailing her for her actions when there are more pressing things Christians need to be focused on.

As the story goes, she and the Pope met privately during his visit to the U.S. in D.C. and he “encouraged” her to keep the faith.

“I cannot not deny the meeting took place but I have no comments to add” a Vatican spokesperson said.

And of course Davis puts on the whole lowly servant act when speaking about her encounter with the Pope.

“I never thought I would meet the Pope,” Davis said via her legal team. “Who am I to have this rare opportunity? I am just a County Clerk who loves Jesus and desires with all my heart to serve him.”

What’s interesting is that she desires to serve Jesus, but if she actually read her Bible better, she’d see that her actions would have resulted in Jesus putting her in a time out.

She goes on to say that the Pope agreeing with what she did is great validation that she and her supporters are on track. But as an apostolic Pentecostal, the Pope holds no weight with the organization she is apart of so why does his opinion matter so much now?

Just like Republicans to pick and choose when support from certain people matters.

tidal concert featured jay z beyonce 2015 gossipTidal Concert Biggest Hip Hop and R&B Concert EVER!

If you are a Tidal subscriber, I hope you have grabbed your tickets to one of the biggest concerts ever. The streaming service just announced a major musical event with everyone from Bey and Jay (of course) to Prince.

The concert coined “Tidal X: 1020 Amplified by HTC,” is a joint venture between Tidal and HTC and will raise money for different charities. The mega music event will take place in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on October 20th. The first Tidal affiliated event in a series of “philanthropic music events” it is a very purposeful endeavor and not just of musical reasons.

It is “aimed at raising awareness, funds, conscious engagement, and dynamic action for transformative and positive social impact worldwide.”

Tidal is matching all proceeds from ticket sales and distributing the money through the New World foundation to various charities and will even be taking donations from viewers during the concert. If you have Tidal, you can get your tickets now, everyone else has to wait until Friday

Leave it to Bey and Jay to do it up big.

brian austin green asking for support from megan fox 2015 gossipBrian Austin Green to Mega Fox: “Be My Suga Mama”

I almost forgot that Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox were not only together but married. They had been in a long-term relationship years before the tied the knot but alas, that has now come to an end, which we all know since Megan filed back in June. But now, Brian is saying that he needs “some money honey” from his soon to be ex wife because he can no long work the way he used to.

Brian is asking for spousal support and for joint custody of their two children. The 42- year old says that since a car wreck that happened in December of last year he has developed a severe case of vertigo, which pretty much has left him unable to work.

Megan filed for divorce on June 15th after five years of marriage citing the Hollywood go to “irreconcilable differences.” While her career slowed down a bit after having her two boys, she is definitely still a much sought after actress and has picked up several projects which are still in the works.

See, not only women expect men to be their main source of income. It goes both ways.