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Kanye West break from Jay Z helps album and Blac Chyna not sucking up to Kylie Jenner

Being the close friend to rapper Jay-Z that he is, Kanye West opted to initially only release his album to Tidal members. This meant that only those who paid for the monthly music subscription service could legally listen to Kanye’s new tracks

Kim Davis Jesus Time Out & Tidal’s Jay Z Beyonce Overflow

Kim Davis may get support from Pope Francis but in reality, her actions would have made Jesus put her in a time out.

Future Not Nice To Russell Wilson & Birdman Sues Jay Z Plots Lil Wayne’s Death

After a long decision making process, TLC finally cancels 19 Kids and Counting and Birdaman with his Young Thug plotted to kill Lil Wayne while then suing Jay Z's Tidal. Ciara's Future isn't happy with Russell Wilson and silently hints around that 'gay' rumor regarding Russell Wilson.

Diddy & Rick Ross Arrested While Jay Z’s Tidal Keeps Crashing

Good day beautiful people. Today we have some new news and some updates and some famous folks getting arrested while others are moving on and crashing.

Will Apple Try To Save Jay Z’s Tidal Crash Now?

After allegedly trying to kill Jay Z's Tidal business, Apple might suddenly play the white knight and rush in to save it after it launches Apple Music, sort of. Now that Tidal has some major problems brewing, will the behemoth Apple really need to?

Chris Brown Stiffs Royalty, Jay Z White Wash & Rick Ross Wants His 50 Cent

It might have been a short week with the holiday, but these crazy celebs have up the drama starting with our favorite limelight stealer, Chris Brown. Jay Z's Tidal is still crashing around him and Rick Ross wants more than 50 Cents is willing to give.

Apple Beats Down on Jay Z’s Tidal Wave

Is Jay Z’s Tidal music service in Apple’s crosshairs? Will it make waves later on or will Apple turn it into just another wave in the ocean? According to music industry insiders Apple wants Tidal’s waves to weaken before it comes ashore and take a bite out of iTunes like Spotify.

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