Diddy & Rick Ross Arrested While Jay Z’s Tidal Keeps Crashing

rick ross accused of kidnapping 2015 gossip

diddy arrest rick ross chris brown jay z tidal 2015 imagesGood day beautiful people. Today we have some new news and some updates and some famous folks getting arrested while others are moving on and crashing.

diddy fights coach ucla 2015Diddy Arrested for “Fight” with UCLA Football Coach

What do you do when you don’t like something and you are rich and famous? You throw shit. That’s exactly what Diddy did to a UCLA football coach… a kettle ball to be exact.

Reports of the incident vary but the story coming out of Diddy’s camp maintains that, “Any actions taken by Mr. Combs were solely defensive in nature to protect himself and his son.” Hmmmm, why would theydiddy  have to resort to self-defense?

According to Diddy, the incident caused for such action, which subsequently lead to his arrest. But why does there seem to be so many different stories of what happened?

diddy arrested for ucla coach 2015 gossip

“The various accounts of the event and charges that are being reported are wholly inaccurate.”

His son Justin is a redshirt defensive back. Whatever happened on the field that day, there is a court date (his bail was sent for $160,000), which will hopefully serve to for the real story to be told and to settle everything.

rick ross accused of kidnapping 2015 gossipRick Ross Arrested for Kidnapping

Why do these rappers always have to go there? I mean damn, you got money, you got fame you got all the bad bitches in red bottoms riding your Maybach’s and Bugatti’s. Why the hell do they have feel the need to continuously show the world how hood they are?

Case in point, Rick Ross. This fool done got arrested for assault and kidnapping. Apparently whatever he did was pretty bad because he has been denied bond. It happened in Fayette County in Georgia. He and his bodyguard were arrested for an incident that happened back on June 7th at Ross’ home.

The warrants allege that he and Nadrian Lateef James beat a man, (who worked for Ross) knocking out two of his teeth and causing him neck and jaw injuries. The reason for the assault is unclear.

Ross and James were charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery and kidnapping. James was charged with aggravated battery and kidnapping.

The two will remain in jail until they appear in court on July 1st.

chris brown moved on from karrueche tran 2015 gossipChris Brown Moving on From Karrueche Tran For Good?

Well, he says he’s ready to let it go and by it I mean the constant need to chase Karrueche Tran. Apparently Chris Brown is super heartbroken over their break up (I guess the last one) and he is finally, once and for all moving on.

The life changing decision happened for him when looked at the situation and realized that HE is the one that is the prize, not her. According to an insider, “…he’s the prize! He’s the golden ticket that everyone’s after – not her… “He would cut off both his legs before he chases her or any other female for that matter.”

Now, I hear you Chris or whomever is saying that this is how he feels, but didn’t he just say not too long ago that he is done with all the attention seeking, etc… blah, blah, blah. It is all just so interesting because he recently claimed his love for Karrueche to be so deep it was like being addicted to crack. Wow now that’s some strong emotion.

Well this can be a great thing. In life, sometimes you have to forsake all to focus on getting your shit together and living a better life.

jay z tidal ousts peter tonstad 2015Jay Z’s Tidal Loses Another Chief

I am not sure why people don’t want to give Jay Z and Tidal a break, but bad news just keeps coming from the streaming service backed by the business mogul.

In what seems to be another setback, one of the top executives, Peter Tonstad, has left the company after only two months on the job. The interim chief executive who started in April replaced Andy Chen in the position.  What a continual thorn in Jay Z’s side right? Tidal can’t get any love. And with the release of Apple Music this week, it’s just more competition added to the current competitors who already don’t want to see Jay Z win.

I mean, that it is what it’s all about anyway right? People just don’t want to see Jay win. But as the stories have gone in the past, we all know how that usually turns out.