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NFL wants to keep Carolina Panthers in Charlotte

NFL Wants Carolina Panthers to Remain in Charlotte After Sale

Amy Schumer fan hits back and Diddy’s ‘Way Out’ of music

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to have some pretty crazy encounters with fans. However, a fan took things to a whole other level when hounding Amy Schumer for a picture.

Diddy blamed for Tupac Shakur’s death & Lady Gaga continues wowing

A new documentary detailing the tragic death of Tupac Shakur includes a former police officer who has reported that Sean Combs a.k.a. P Diddy was Shakur’s real murderer.

Shia Labeouf Gets Head & Kim Kardashian Can’t Get Enough Selfies: Celebrity Gossip

This week's celebrity gossip starts with the unfortunate incident that sent Jimmy Fallon to the hospital. He was at home when he cut his hand so badly he needed to have emergency surgery.

Sherri Shepherd Stewed & Josh Duggar Sued: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Today in our celebrity gossip roundup, we have very sad divorce news with Ben Affleck and Josh Duggar's victim finally will get her day in court. I can only what the Republicans will do to destroy her.

Diddy & Rick Ross Arrested While Jay Z’s Tidal Keeps Crashing

Good day beautiful people. Today we have some new news and some updates and some famous folks getting arrested while others are moving on and crashing.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jay Z Duo Done, Diddy Drake & Kanye West Silenced

It’s your midweek gossip round up and Jay Z duo dissed, Diddy plus Drake equals tons of money, Mariah divas up Disneyland and Kanye West gets silenced by someone other than himself.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Trans for Chris Brown, Amber Rose Drunk & Diddy’s Love Has Ties

It’s the start of the week (hope that you had a great mother’s day) and it’s time for some highlights from the weekend in celebrity happenings. Chris Brown again has found someone who can't stop loving him, Amber Rose blames booze and Diddy proves his love has to be chained.

Celebrity Gossip Recap: Diddy Don’t Want No Empire

Today’s look at celebrity happenings is juicy and crazy with a touch of the unsettling. We will start with the story that has gotten what seems like unprecedented coverage in the short four days it has been news -Bobby Kristina Brown

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