Shia Labeouf Gets Head & Kim Kardashian Can’t Get Enough Selfies: Celebrity Gossip

shia labeouf head injury 2015 gossip

shia labouf head diddy, robert pattinson 2015 gossip imagesThis week’s celebrity gossip starts with the unfortunate incident that sent Jimmy Fallon to the hospital. He was at home when he cut his hand so badly he needed to have emergency surgery. Through the Tonight Show’s Twitter account it was announced that anyone who had tickets for that day’s taping would be given tickets to another taping instead.

jimmy fallon hospital rush 2015 gossipJessica Simpson‘s product line has reportedly become so successful that she now has plans to open up boutiques selling her line of products. She’ll have shop in L.A., Chicago and New York. Once those shops are established she is also opening a shop in Texas, where she grew up.

jessica simpson product hot 2015 gossipAfter claiming she is all about abstinence single mom Bristol Palin, who , just a few weeks ago, called off a wedding with her now ex-boyfriend. When she announced her pregnancy on her blog she stated that she is trying to keep her chin up throughout the pregnancy. She also stated that her calling off the wedding disappointed her family. One can only imagine that she called off the wedding because her former fiancé didn’t want to be a father or he was just simply not the biological father at all, which likely wouldn’t surprise anyone.

bristol palin pregnant ho 2015 gossipBad news for former Saved By The Bell star Dustin Diamond as a judge handed down a decision in which Diamond has to spend four months in jail. He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon as well as disorderly conduct. After a Christmas day incident where he stabbed another man in a bar, Diamond maintains that he didn’t realize he hurt the man and said the man didn’t realize he was hurt either.

dustin diamon jail time 2015 gossipIn happier news, Jennifer Love Hewitt recently became the mother of a baby boy. Hewitt and her husband named their son Atticus James Hallisay.  Atticus is  now homewith mom, dad and his 18 month old sister Autum James.

jennifer love hewitt baby boy 2015 gossipShia Labeouf is nursing a head injury after a stunt gone wrong on the set of his latest movie American Honey. His head went through a glass window and his index finger as well as the left side of his head, was slashed. The injury required 13 staples and 20 stitches to fix it. The actor is now reportedly back at work.

shia labeouf gets head injury 2015 gossipProving how empty her head really is Kim Kardashian made sure to tell the world that even though some people think she takes too many selfies that she posts on Instagram, her account is used exactly how she wants it to be used. She admitted that the brands she is supposed to promote are often unhappy with her because she doesn’t post enough pictures that will advertise those brands. She even went so far as to state that when she enters into a business contract with any company use of her Instagram account is not included in that contract. Apparently posting selfies is much more important to her than promoting brands she endorses.

kim kardashian selfies 2015 gossipIn other Kim Kardashian gossip, being pregnant hasn’t exactly grounded her in California as she was seen recently dining with family at a restaurant in the South of France. She’s been in town due to a scheduled appearance at the Cannes Lions Festival.

kim kardashian south of france cannes 2015 gossipAmerica’s Got Talent viewers are disappointed that Howard stern is not returning as a judge (though some of us that don’t even watch this show are still happy to hear that.) Though America’s Got Talent has traditionally taped in California they relocated it to NYC to accommodate Howard Stern. His refusal to renew his contract with the show is expected to have it begin being taped in California once again.

howard stern off americas got talent 2015 gossipRobert Pattinson withdrew himself from appearing in Brimstone, so Kit Harington is taking over his role. After being involved in this acting project since February of this year it is not known why Robert Pattinson chose to back out. Robert Pattinson is currently wrapped up in the promotion of Queen of the Desert and filming both The Trap and The Lost City of Z.

robet pattinson out of brimstone 2015 gossipRapper Rick Ross is once again in trouble with the law after both himself and his bodyguard were served with a warrant. Ross is being accused of kidnapping as well as aggravated battery and assault after an incident that took place at his Atlanta mansion. This comes on the heels of an arrest in mid June on drug charges. He just came up with $2 million bond but he’s on a very tight legal leash. If he intimidates or threatens any witnesses, he’ll have to hand over his entire Holyfield property. He’ll be wearing some familiar jewelry in the form of the ankle monitor. He might as well just stay in the house as his temper keeps getting him in trouble.

rick ross kidnapping 2015 gossipMeryl Streep is making headlines for her efforts to have the U.S. Constitution amended to include equal rights for everyone. With 35 of the 50 states having ratified the amendment, Streep is now pushing for the remaining 15 states to do the same.  Through her quest to make this happen she has written letters to Congress and sent books as well. Finally; a celebrity who has a brain in her head and isn’t afraid to use it. What a contrast to the likes of Kim Kardashian.

meryl streep equal rights fighter 2015 gossipAfter P Diddy,Sean Combs, or whatever else he calls himself this week, made a spectacle and got himself arrested after engaging in a physical altercation with son Justin’s football coach, Justin has posted on Instagram in support of his hot headed dad. Justin posted a picture of himself and P Diddy and stated in the caption that his father is always there for him. P Diddy is soon scheduled to appear in court on felony charges, proving that he just can’t be a good role model for his son (though Justin seems too brainwashed to realize that.)

diddy arrested 2015 gossipIn sad celebrity news Dick Van Patten recently passed away. The 86 year old actor passed away in a Santa Monica hospital on June 23rd. The cause of death was reportedly due to type II diabetes and related complications. He had most recently appeared on the TV show Hot in Cleveland, with Betty White.

dick van patten rip 2015 gossipThe next Spiderman movie has been cast with 19 year old actor Tom Holland, who has appeared in Broadway musicals as well as movies such as The Impossible.

tom holland doing spiderman movie next 2015 gossip