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Kanye West break from Jay Z helps album and Blac Chyna not sucking up to Kylie Jenner

kanye west break from jay z helps album 2016 gossip

Being the close friend to rapper Jay-Z that he is, Kanye West opted to initially only release his album to Tidal members. This meant that only those who paid for the monthly music subscription service could legally listen to Kanye’s new tracks. However, on April 1 the artist finally decided to give in and release his album The Life of Pablo on various music platforms so that more fans could enjoy it.

While this may have not been his plan from the start, it seems as though it is paying off. The album was bought more than 90,000 times during the week of April 1 to April 7. This is an impressive feat, as the album has already been out for over six weeks.

Billboard is slating it to become the first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart that has had more than half of its sales facilitated through streaming sites. Currently, Rihanna holds this title with her latest album Anti, which ended up chalking 31% of its total album sales to streaming services.

Thus, while Kanye may have wanted it to be exclusive to Tidal at first, he is undoubtedly going to be pleased with its continued success now that its available on a wider range of platforms.

blac chyna not sucking up to kylie jenner 2016 gossip

While she may be engaged to Kylie’s brother, Blac Chyna doesn’t appear to be trying to get into her future sister-in-law’s good graces in the slightest. Considering Kylie Jenner has been dating Blac Chyna’s ex/baby daddy Tyga for quite a while now, it isn’t too surprising that Blac Chyna has hinted her not-so-favorable opinion of the young reality star on countless occasions.

However, now that she is planning to join the family, you would think that perhaps Blac Chyna would try and keep things a bit more civil. Unfortunately, this is definitely not the case as Blac Chyna just recently threw some obvious shade at Kylie over Instagram.

On Friday Blac Chyna shared a humorous video on her Instagram page that showed a young girl talking about the new shade in her “lip kit” collection. The girl then proceeds to swatch a cheesy on the back of her hand and apply it as if it were lipstick. While at first the video may seem harmless, fans were quick to realize the similarities it had with some of Kylie’s recent posts. In addition, the girl’s reference to “lip kits” automatically connects it to Kylie’s cosmetic brand (“Kylie’s Lip Kits”).

Blac Chyna, Instagram video:

Adding to the social media bash, Blac Chyna also captioned the video with a link to her own line of beauty products called “Lashed by Blac Chyna.”

Kylie Jenner, Instagram video:

While Blac Chyna might not like it, Kylie continues to do extremely well with her cosmetic line. She recently released a line of lipglosses, which sold out just as quickly as her original lip kits did. Thus, while Kylie may not have responded (implicitly or explicitly) to Blac Chyna’s shade, she is clearly letting her own business success do the talking.

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